Any Words on Isha Yoga?

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by Eman Resu, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    Are you seeking Me?Did you touch me ? Natures son felt something touch him weeks ago . I don't know what it was ? It swayed Me body back and forth ever so slight . Like a group joined into the fire with Me . Flames roaring at Me back . The sooner they left the sooner they return . Spill the wine dig that girl
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  3. MacGyver1968 Fixin' Shit that Ain't Broke Valued Senior Member

    This thread has to be a world record for sci-forums for the most 1-post posters.
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  5. lightgigantic Banned Banned

    Almost makes me want to create a sock puppet just so I can offer a relevant contribution
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  7. maddy2011 Registered Member

    Hi all,

    I was reading all the threads for the last 2 hrs ... it seem to be very boring guys....

    As according to me i m not a follower of SJV and never attn the classes.

    But listen 0 i will answer all question here :

    1) The SJV is living like king with brand new hummer etc...
    2) why he is not answering about his wife death ?
    3) why his daughter is not in isha ?
    4) from where he got all this knowledge to answers all question ?
    5) who is the guru for his sadhguru ?( bcoz its difficult to accept that he got all this yoga brain from chamundi hills)?

    first i will answer all this question and then you can ask me what ever you want !

    NOTE: why i m comparing normal man with SJV for all my answers because - questions begin asked by the same F**Kers ... right ? lol

    1) not only SJV - touch your heart and tell me , if you have not seen 10,000 $ at a shot in your life . suddenly if you got 1 trillion $ that to without tax ( organisation not having tax in India ) .... will you buy hummer car (or) a Maldives island on your name ?

    Maldives island right ? but this poor guy got only hummer car ... then he is 1000000000 times en-lighted then you ..... so shut the F**K up and listen to his speech where he will tell you how to think for hummer ....when u have money for Maldives.

    example : if you are bramin ( vegetarian ) you are not supposed to put leather shoe ?
    in which law its mentioned ?


    2) Will you answer to public - when somebody ask you how many times you fucked your wife before and after marriage ? that is non of public business right ? so the same answer for the question .


    he would have killed his wife for 1000 of reason - why you need to know that ?
    it is his wife he can kill and he can fuck and do what ever you want - if you don't like his behavior - don't go to him

    if you are not interested in listen to a killer - then you don't have to - who is forcing you ?

    when you come for the 1 day yoga class after making sex with 2 girls (or) may be you would have raped a girl last night sadhguru going to asking you why you did this ? who is he to ask you ?

    for the first day class you might be seeing and seeking enlightenment from the hip ,ASS and boobs from the girl who is sitting in-front and back of you he going to ask anything ? then why you want to ask about his wife ?

    because you have to understand one thing that SJV never told anywhere that he is a god no need to prove he is a god

    never told that he is a god man ,so no need to prove ...

    he just told you that he know some kind of science...if you interested come and learn from isha .....

    he is teaching and you are interested you can attn classes by paying fees to the teacher ..... that is ISHA .... other than that - nothing personal about SJV.... he is just a man with lot of knowledge ...not a god to live like as you thing - how the god use to be !

    if we are studying in school - students always have problem with teacher .... same thing happening here.....everybody acting like a kid here in this thread...


    3) may be his daughter wish - everybody have their own wish right ? its not compulsory that if dad have a temple son have to be temple priests..... if that so.....

    raja raja cholan built a temple - why his son Rajendra Chola is not a temple priests ?


    4) teachers always knows all the answers for questions from students - but they might not know answer if another teacher asked question.


    5) why u want to know from where is your teacher passed collage ? first you start learning 1 grade in your life and try to ask some intelligent questions where your teacher can't answer .....

    To All : i m not a supporter for SJV and i have never visited his classes -

    but have visited CBE temple which he built ( its totally old Romans engineering technological way of building the temple where only positive rays comes inside and no way to go out as because of there is no opening in the other side of the temple - its like water inside the pot - it has to come through only one way - and that is the way approached by in and out people - so they carry good level of energy

    i have listen to all the SJV videos... where 90 % of his idea towards yoga is good and his answers is correct toward life .... but i can't answer one question inside me .....

    is my mind see what its chosen to see ?

    is my ears listen what its chosen to listen ?

    why i m telling this is because ... if you ask a question and if somebody tell you a answer which you can refer any book weather it is correct or not other than to believe as because he is explains with example .... you have no choice other than to believe.....

    and please note : he himself told in some videos that don't believe humans mind as because then can create many things which is not real - just by imagining human brain is a dream box

    .... so if he tells answers to a questions from this kind of mind - then definitely then mind is going to imagine and accept it .... because 1) our mind believe if you give a dump example 2) there is no other option left to verify also....

    so.... what ever he tells we have to learn and have try to take out the formula of his thinking and teaching .... if you are smart enough .... rather then fighting in this

    i don't know about the classes as because i have not visited - i will do that soon and let you know ....

    till then ... bye

  8. wynn ˙ Valued Senior Member

    And Maddy above is yet another!
  9. nietzschefan Thread Killer Valued Senior Member

    I want to invent Kali-Yoga(Death Yoga) and sell it to UFC dojos.
  10. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    Welcome to the Hotel Kali Fornicator . You can check out any time you like but you can never leave . Mirrors on the ceiling Pink champagne on ice. We are all just prisoners here of our own devise . Relax said the Night Man we are programed to receive . We grew up in the middle of the night just to hear them say
    . Welcome to the Hotel Kali Fornicator
  11. DianeDeBaun Registered Member

    Give me a break

    Check out Sadhguru for yourself on videos on the internet. See what you think feel.... I am always amazed at his wisdom, openness, the amazing things he does on the planet and is still doing. These arent to accumulate wealth. Yes so he might have a land rover or now instead a Honda (which someone gave him) Maybe they gave him the landrover. When he comes to the Tennessee Asram he is staying in a mobil home. Other places he often stays at volunteers homes. When I did the BSP program in Tennessee and stayed in one of the dorms, I was surprised later to find out one of my roomrates was Sadhgurus daughter (so she is in the program) She was the sweetest girl. I believe she does live in India and studies classical Indian dance. He didnt murder his wife, give me a break!
    Now he is getting a helicopter, so what. His time is valuable and he is always giving his time to everyone, always busy. I dont know what his accomodations are in India, but I think relatively modest, not like a big house mansion, etc.
    Some people have healings and other "miracles" around him. I am not one, but slowly, I am changing and in all the ways only doing better, becoming better physically, with my diet, meditation, doing yoga (at 60 I am doing asanas I could never do before) What is the evil in following Sadhguru, Isha Yoga, Even if he was a fraud, people are bettering there life (and he isnt) Actually it is hard for the mind to hold who he truly is, what he truly is. It blows your mind which wants to make everying mundane or evil. The ego fights. But as he says, we are all the same, have the same potential.
    Listen to him, see if he speaks to you or doesnt. I met one woman who after listening to him on "One" decided to clean up her crap for a full year before meeting him. she said she used to lie, and manipulate, etc and changed before every taking the class. What is the wrong in that, and that is the power. Some people like Chris Rado, race car driver was cured on devasting health problems that experts couldnt find. And within a few days. This happens on occasion. Sometimes healings last, sometimes they dont when people forget it was grace . Not everyone has amazing results, it is whoever is open. He has huge (millions of followers) in India. He actually gave the Inner Engineering to 20,000 I believe or maybe more for free in India. Actually when first offering in the U.S it was free, people didnt follow through and it was 10 days and the whole 2 or 3 programs was included. Him and his wife also did the cooking in Tennessee in the first programs.
    Yes he isnt there for the initiation sometimes when teachers do the program but they stay with him for 5 or more years in order to be able to allow the initation to come through them. They are not paid big bucks to do this.
  12. DianeDeBaun Registered Member

    "The guru will take you for a ride" One of his videos. He is way beyond us.
  13. wynn ˙ Valued Senior Member

    Another one-post poster! Yay!
  14. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Who made the post above that one?

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  15. wynn ˙ Valued Senior Member

    Ah, okay, DianeDeBaun now has two posts. I am sure this will be all we will hear from
    DianeDeBaun, though.
  16. dhyana Registered Senior Member

    Jaggi said publicly that he lies whenever necessary. So, he admits that he's a liar. If anyone gets involved with him, knowing that he admits he's a liar, they are just plain stupid.

    He says that even if his dhyanalinga is destroyed, even if the entire world is destroyed, the energy field of the dhyanalinga will remain. Then, I say, bust that big rock open and show us the solidified mercury inside it. He won't do it because he's a liar, an admitted liar, and there's no solid mercury inside the dhyanalinga. LOL!! He's such a liar!
  17. Oniw17 ascetic, sage, diogenes, bum? Valued Senior Member

    This is the best thread ever!
  18. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    bull shit . He is a fake . There is only one Cali. There can only be one as they say and he is not it . I thought he killed his wife ? Right there he gonna fry for that if it is true . He is mine . I am taking him back to the pit with Me . They let Me out for just a short while . So I can eat . Feed the beast as they say . Got to feed the beast . Tell him to come pay me a visit . I am extra friendly to strangers. Grapple grapple crackle crackle , Jack Jack be quick don't set on the candle stick . Oh shit you broke it . Now what The candle stick is broke . Fuck how we gonna fix that
  19. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    He ain't the man of sin . Give it up . I got mercury in Me . I played with a butt load of it as a child . Yeah real mercury . Mad as a hatter as they say . He is a fake . Funny he thinks he is Me . Bring him to my house I can show him some real sin .

    O.K. who said this " He will wait by the side of the road and observe you like a leper and when knows all you moves he will attack you like a bear with a cub and rip open your rib cage like a wild beast .

    O.K. I messed it up a little . Not quite worth a cigar but W.T.F. I like improve de best
  20. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    Mercury Poison would explain Me-Ki-Gal. Almost anyways. Came on to comment on that, don't Know much about Isha Yoga, except it is probably better than Ishn'ta Yoga.

    Can't you learn all this stuff on youtube for free now?
  21. bvconway Registered Member


    I guess I'm one of those strange folk that has done far too much reading - Patanjali's Yoga system, Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Bible (front to back), the Bhaghavad Gita [sp?], Zen sutras, many Tibetan works, and so on.

    There is absolutely nothing in his teaching that contradicts any of those books, including the words of Jesus, or Buddha, or Mohammed, or Milarepa or anyone else of that ilk. He mentions quite clearly not to follow him like a little sheep or a wide-eyed Moonie-or-cult-type. He is not the problem, it is deep within ourselves

    The question has always been "How do I make myself into a better person?". If there were a rock or a piece of excrement lying on the pavement that could speak as eloquently as sadhguru and lead me to this goal, I would take that rock or piece of excrement and name it triumphantly as my guru, my teacher, my inspiration. If Bill Gates spoke as well, and tackled the larger questions of life as he does, I would take Bill Gates as my guru. If anyone in this forum spoke as well and tackled those questions ("Why am I here?", "Who is God?", What is heaven and hell? What is Good and Evil? and so on, I would tend to hang with (not follow) them as well and incorporate their understanding into mine. As it is, the things he speaks of resonate rather well with all the questions I've ever had as a human being, and his answers are measured, logical and sane, unlike the replies I've seen on this forum - some of which should make you truly ashamed of yourselves, or at least provide a trigger for greater understanding.

    Nobody is forcing anyone to attend his sessions, sign papers, pay money or visit his ashrams.

    Just sit there at your computer and work it out for yourselves and worship who you want. If money is your God, worship that.

    Personally, I'm interested in knowledge and where to get it. If I find it under a rock so be it. If sadhguru has interesting or thought-provoking things to say - I will allow him to say it. If Socrates has interesting things to say, I allow him to say it (actually, write it, because I just read him recently). If Jesus has interesting things to say, I listen, and take them under advisement.

    You're not dealing with a stupid man by any means, nor a venal [money-grabbing] one.

    If one needs to learn about physics, then go see Stephen Hawking. If you want to learn about yourself and what you're doing here, what may happen after death or how you should order your life then your choices are limited. You can talk to your hairdresser or your taxi-driver or someone else.

    If you already know it all, then please write it here so that we can all see and evaluate.

    I think the intelligent among us know about cults and so on. We have no problem "following" our other gods - of money, entertainment, politics and other things. For things of the inner soul where do we go? Our psychiatrist?

    I think that if you are genuine you will see that he is also. If he is fake, then you have nowhere to go but inside yourself to look for the answers. And, this is exactly what he proposes and teaches. Look inside, not at him.
  22. bvconway Registered Member

    He's dealt with that. LSD doesn't last - it also includes a "coming down" period. I should know.
  23. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    That is incredibly odd, since the teachings of Jesus and Buddha contradict each other!

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