Ball game with a human head?

Discussion in 'History' started by Saith, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Saith Registered Senior Member

    Did the mayan people ever play a ball game with the head of the captain of the team they beat? Last time I went to Chichen-Itza, I swear our guide told us that they occasionally played the next game with a human head. Maybe they just want to make things sound more interesting. I can't seem to find any information for or against it.
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  3. cotton Resident Pirate Registered Senior Member

    are you sure? Because that sounds hard to believe.
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  5. Roman Banned Banned

    I've heard of polo being played with a human head, but not that Mayan soccer stuff. I thought that was the Aztec ball game, and they sacrificed the winners. So the winners never got a second game.
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  7. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    the mayans played a game with a solid rubber ball, in which you tryed to play a volleyball like game by hitting with your hips. and it was either the winners ar the losers got killed, but i dont remember, but the audience got ta take whatever they wanted from that team, possesions, clothes, body parts, etc
  8. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    so i guess "i play winner" didnt come from aztecs?
    but...that sounds like a good game to lose.
    if ya win, you die.
    if you lose, you dont...
  9. certified psycho Beware of the Shockie Monkey Registered Senior Member

    The losing team got sacrificed to the Gods. They could have played with the head.
    Literally a game of life and death.
  10. guthrie paradox generator Registered Senior Member

    Allegedly the ball games played in various Scottish borders towns started with using human heads from dead invaders. But you didnt lose your life if you lost the game.

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