Chakra activation hoax ?

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by IndianCurry2010, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Wisdom_Seeker Speaker of my truth Valued Senior Member

    Chakras are just the old way of explaining how bioelectricity is distributed within a human body.
    Just as good old "electricity", you not only need to have a conductor for it; you need a generator, a distributor, a proper conductor and a receptor that uses it.
    Now, we may asume that bioelectrity in the human body is generated by absorbing it from air, water, food, the Sun, etc.
    And how is this bioelectricity distributed, conducted and used within the human body?
    Sages from all times have insisted that the body stores and distributes this energy via "energy centers" that rotate and distribute this energy where it is required. Hence the term "chakra" or "wheel".

    You cannot just open an electric cord and "see" the electricity within it.
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  3. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    When I went through a period of a lot of meditation, I ended up having stabbing pains between my shoulderblades. Like someone was digging an icepick in.
    I got a friend to pop my back for me.
    For the next three days, I was in an altered state. People itched.
    It happened to be winter...and since I needed to walk around, outside, alone, at strange hours...I found that I could perform tummo.
    When you can make yourself sweat in below-freezing weather by mental effort? it's nifty.

    When I was trying to learn T'ai Ch'i, I sort of entered a trance state once. My body became drenched in sweat almost instantly, and my fingertips felt like they were going to blister-they felt like they were painfully burning.

    Regarding chakras, chi energy, and all such body-energy woo-woo?
    I have a term I call gray-filing...meaning it's not on the same logical plane as science.

    My gray files are pretty big.
    There's no scientific evidence to back it, but I've experienced some of this stuff.
    I dunno.
    Just don't pay someone a bunch of money for stuff you can go to a used bookstore to get info on, alright?
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  5. kmguru Staff Member

    Different sections of the body has different Information processing centers that keeps all the data from the day you arrived at. Humans can adjust massive quantity of information provided the outside limits are automatically adjusted....(Check out any neural textbooks these days)
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  7. wellwisher Banned Banned

    Visualization in sports has been proven to enhance performance. Even though the basketball hoop is imaginary, when one is visualizing free throws, tests have proven this can enhance performance.

    The question becomes, what type of performance enhancement did the ancient people have in mind when they developed this visualization technique? It was not designed to practice hoops or gets ones steps right for high jumping, etc. It was actually about getting the body's vitality active, similar to an athlete warming up with stretching and running before they do their sport.

    An important part of this visualization is breathing. What forced breathing does is increase the flow of O2, which is the terminal electron acceptor for our body's energy production. All else being equal, if we shift the body toward more oxidation potential or more O2, there is more potential with the reduced materials our body uses for food. It is sort of like a bellows that will fan the fire with more O2.

    The visualization goes through seven centers each with a certain symbolic value, with the technique making use of all of them. For example, the lowest center is at the tip of the spine and has a symbolic connection to our sexuality. When one is horny, there is a natural enhancement in drive and energy, combined with the linear focus of the lower brain. The visualization and the breathing enhanced O2 is trying to trigger that same energy and linear direction in the brain.

    Since there are also six other centers, we are also also trying to power up these dynamics at the same time. The heart center is analogous to the symbol of Richard the lion hearted, which gives Richard that will not quit energy. The meditation is trying to start the different energy machinery of the body in stages, until it is up to full power. Then everyone was kung foo fighting.

    When I was a younger scientists I considered myself objective and therefore I needed direct proof to develop my own opinion on such matters. I was not going to just take anyone's word for it, pro or con. To me the seven centers needed to be investigated from inside and not the outside. You need to do the visualization yourself to test the concept.

    I did some kundulini yoga which makes use of the seven centers. What I found was, it worked like a power up, but with too many engines working at once. This had an impact on the brain, since that many of layers of engines was not natural. It induced some odd special effects in the mind. I stopped because it was getting a little to odd for me. But from direct data, I could see science needed to get out more in the field and not just hide behind machines for safety.

    The results were exciting although unsettling. I decided to study Jung to help me explain this phenomena with psychology. Jungs speaks of the collective unconscious which amounts to personality firmware in the brain that are common to all humans, which define human nature. The yoga appeared to active the firmware symbolied by each symbolic center but at the same time, which was dissociating.
  8. Search & Destroy Take one bite at a time Moderator

    I'm not educated at all in chakras, but they have some sincerity. Meditating on different areas certainly produce very unique results.

    For example the third eye thing. Turn off the lights, so that there is no frame of reference for your vision. With effort you are able to actually move that frame of reference around, normally up to the third eye as it's close and not too difficult. It really is like looking out of your forehead at the blackness.

    Focusing on my lower back I am able to generate quite significant shivers (not visible to an observer) that can eventually produce out of body experiences and exploding head syndrome.

    In my view I have objectified the chakras somewhat in this manner. Although I'm not really sure to what extent they are useful. They haven't proven useful out of entertainment for me.
  9. Search & Destroy Take one bite at a time Moderator

    I'd like to learn more about how you induced all 7, and what the odd effects were.

    Also this, what techniques did you use?
  10. chosenbygrace Registered Member

    You say it works for people yet doesn't exist. Are you being retarded? What is this some lame weasel way of getting materialists to think, "Oh well since it works for some people cuz some troll named IndianCurry said so then they must be, omigod!: SPIRITUAL! OMIGOD LIKE SPIRITUAL THINGS EXIST LIKE OMIGOD NOW I'M GOING TO FIDDLE WITH MY CHAKRA AND LIKE UHHHH GET THE GIRLS I WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH ALL THROUGHOUT LIFE BY GOING BACK IN TIME USING MY SUPER CHAKRA POWERS AND BLEAH!"
  11. drrsundarraj Registered Member

    A Chakra is point in the mid line of our body where many skeletal muscles get inserted.
    If our skeletal muscular system isometrcally contracts and relaxes (hardens and softens) towards any one of these points at high speed, it would result in dramatic changes in the way we think or act.
    Thus, a Chakra is a physiological entity. Anatomically, it doesn't have special features.

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