Could we create the perfect world?

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Holly-May Leslie, Nov 27, 2021.

  1. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    No compromise is made on thing x if everyone is in perfect agreement about thing x. However, Perfect agreement is probably pretty hard to come by, especially in larger groups.

    Democracy is probably just there to stop people complaining.

    As for the thing about being emotionally honest, they can not be completely emotionally honest about any of the emotions which they do not fully understand, and the less that they understand said emotions, the less honest they can be about those emotions. This applies to anyone.
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  3. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

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  5. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    Okay. Do you have any main examples of this?
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  7. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    thats a big hard no
    with exclamation marks

    sexuality is fluid
    peoples sexual orientation changes
    only around 15% of people know who they are sexually
    the rest are experimenting to find out or in a mess or both

    refer psychology
    but thats super advanced stuff(4th year university level)

    & because ...
    you sound very sensory

    you need maths
    it is the language of the universe
    even though t seems kinda pointless

    the more you learn the more yo realise how t shapes pretty much everything
    but its not a sensory subject
    it requires learning new ways of thinking
    thats hard stuff
    maths teachers are not always very good at teaching
    the good ones deliver their teaching to individual ways of learning

    i was lucky with my high school maths teacher being a doctor of mathematics who had equal skill in psychology
    very quiet un assuming person
    highly skilled
    but you only get 1 per year & bad luck if your not in the right place financial health or mentality

    that boat has sailed & your back at the start with a new person
    who may be considerably worse & have issues

    thats not maths fault
    everyone has their personal issues
    good days bad days
    good weeks bad weeks
    good months bad months
    good years bad years
    etc etc

    this is religion not science

    you are talking about the law of karmic self definition
    as an abstract from Hindu-ism & harikrishna with a touch of Buddhism
    its a bit new age christianity kinda mixed in

    you have to realise that this is a complex subject of religion & philosophy
    not a cause & effect of material life

    mathematics will teach you how to look at this subject in greater detail
    mathematics is not an enemy of philosophy

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    no point in changing anything because everything is pre-determined

    that is an excuse as much as a religous concept

    if you stop eating
    you die
    if you stop drinking
    you die
    if you stop sleeping
    you die
    if you stop pooping
    you die

    cause & effect
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  8. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    What do you figure your career path will be once you are through with school? Just curious...
  9. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    Example: Mia: Well, you can shove your reasonable REASON up your reasonable...
    I laughed so hard at this.
    I am too posh to say the next bit.

    Example: My uncle Tim: You are very good at obfuscating to avoid the point. Me: What does obfuscating mean? Tim: It means making things unclear. Look it up. Me: There is no need to now, so no. Tim: WHY NOT!? Me: Because you already explained it perfectly well.

    Example: Tim: How old are you Holly? Me: I am 17. Tim: Then how come you know everything. Me: I do not. Tim: Are you smarter than me? Me: I don't know. Probably yes. Tim: Are you the smartest person in the world?
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  10. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    So your career path is...?
  11. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    I'll probably mooch off of my parents until I have enough money through my writing which I am ridiculously good at to move out and then use said writing to get the world to do what I want it to do, which is be a better place, by brain washing people, once I get enough publicity to. I have a lot that I am very good at, so there are a few options.
  12. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Good luck.
  13. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    Thanks. That sounds like you think I will suck at life. I wont though.
  14. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    No, you seem intelligent and individualistic enough to have some drive. Everyone can use some luck. Making a living isn't always easy however. Without more advanced education it can be even harder.

    If you have a passion for writing though, that's something you can start now and see if you can get published as easily as you might hope to. Do your parents make a good living?
  15. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    more soo
    a majority of people
    though they claim to understand themselves emotionally
    do not
    & when you factor their decision making process in to be governed by their emotional wants
    defining their interactive values
    they are incapable of being honest because they do not know themselves
    while they also lie to themselves

    so if you believe what they believe to be true
    you may be believing a lie that they are telling themselves

    this is EXTREMELY common
    and goes double for anyone talking religion

    its complicated

    but appears to be quite simple by some who wish to control your thinking.

    i am a true liberal
    which means i don't care if you disagree with me as long as your doing so with free will & protections of human rights & equal rights

    my agenda is to seek for others to be capable of creating mentally their own agenda
    so they can be equals in choosing collective wants & needs

    only this is how the species can move forward
    everything else will fail ... and is failing right in front of our eyes around us globally

    some leaders are dong what they can, but its a tricky uphill battle
    trying to keep some happy while trying to move forward with others trying to move backwards etc etc add-nauseam

    i do not NOT know the difficulties they face

    i have my own financial problems
    & my life is coming apart

    only the rich can afford to give away ideas
    and they never give away anything for free
  16. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    How do you think churches operate?

    How do you think churches operate?
    Churches also operate by leaving said pairing out

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  17. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

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  18. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    "Prove" is a wishy-washy word. The closest thing you're ever likely to get in reality is a very strong indication.
  19. billvon Valued Senior Member

    English is required to communicate with people in the US, and good English (i.e. ability to speak/read/write well) is required for most jobs in the US.
    You cannot have a democracy if people do not understand how their society works. Social studies includes government studies, history, political science and geography; it would be very difficult to be an informed voter without any of that.
    Understanding how other people's minds work is actually fairly important - but AFAIK it is not required in any primary schooling.
    I'd argue that knowing how to play on a team, and maintaining a minimum level of fitness, is an important part of education.
    Knowing how your body works is critical. And no, not everyone that age knows how sex works - and they would never tell you that.
    Math, science and English are probably the three most critical skills you can have in terms of your future employability. We are a technical society, and knowing how to operate in that technical society requires the ability to communicate, do math and understand the basics of the world around us.
    I will agree with you there. They are useful in terms of understanding our culture, but not required as an educational subject.
    But education can make you better at those things. I used to suck at math. But for my desired field (engineering) it was critical. So I worked at it - and became good enough.
    I really hope that's a joke.
  20. billvon Valued Senior Member

    So we should force unvaccinated scum to get vaccinated? (Same sort of public health risk) How do we raise new people who don't want to be anti-vaxxers?
    Since schools don't teach you to be a slave, I'll assume that sort of hyperbole was going towards a point that's outside of the scope of this discussion.
    Like every single other occupation out there, there are good teachers and bad teachers. The trick is to cultivate the good ones.
  21. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    art , music

    i believe art & music are critical in developing the mind & should be basic essentials in schooling in every year in some form

    we listen there for we comprehend
    we create there for we communicate

    art fills the gap between that which lacks in teaching dynamics for alternative thinking people.

    music develops synaptic motor function & neural pathways along with extending mathematics & creating a working example for alternate languages

    modern world technology is all about platforms & software
    maths teaches background dynamics to better understand how to translate & operate software platforms & code in various new models of process

    normally i would run
    MS office
    custom monitoring software, maybe 2 or 3 types on 2 or 3 computers with maybe 1 dual screen
    possibly with cisco wired in with outlook running calendar etc

    being able to just sit down at a new desk & start using different software is a lot easier if you have some frame works of principals to help define probable path ways to functional process

    i know some people who may be running a desk(the desk is typically 3 or 4 screens 2 or 3 PC's & maybe 4 different software packages on top of all the usuals MS office etc) & they will have their laptop going separately & also their own cell phone & maybe another shift cell phone
    & an RT & maybe another RT
    it is hard for the untrained brain to just sit in on that level of basic functional needs & learn anything until it has been educated & developed up to a certain point.
  22. river


    Not in the beginning .
  23. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    determinism and free will are compatible for aforementioned reasons. Also, I already learnt maths rather well. It was the only subject I actually tried in. My teacher put me up to level 3 maths even though I missed 3 years of school due to several mental break downs. Maths and philosophy are pretty much different ways of teaching the same thing. They're both about all applicable fundamentals without any specifics mixed in. I split maths up into graphing and algebra, then I sub categorised those and learnt them bit by bit. First I learnt just single equations, which were simple enough that I could do them without being taught how. Its just moving all of the numbers to one side and the x's to the other through addition and subtraction, and dividing/multiplying the division/multiple of those x's away. Then I learnt qaudratic factorisation. Then I figured out how it worked which my teachers couldn't teach me, presumably because they were all too dumb. It is some x's must go in each bracket to get the x's squared. My teacher was able to explain that part. It is also finding factors of ac which add up to b for ax sqaured + bx + c because a coefficient of one of the x's in the bracket pair is multiplied by a coefficient of the lone number c to get some of the x's, and a coefficient of the x's in the other set of brackets is multiplied by the other coefficient of the lone number c to get the rest of the x's, meaning: factor of a times factor of c times x+other factor of a times other factor of c timesx=bx, so b must be split to fit the factors of ac. The next bit is just factorising the x's sqaured with one of the bits of bx, and the c with the other bit of bx to create 2 separate c factors, each in separate brackets, and 2 separate a factors, each in separate brackets. only 2 brackets will result from this because any quadratic represents a symmetrical curve of some kind or other, so the factorisation is some x's( some x's + some random number.)+ z(THE SAME AMOUNT of x's+ THE SAME random number,) and this simplifies to (x's+z)(some x's+the same random number.)

    Then etc. I might create a new thread about it. I might create a few new threads about this stuff. Also, yes, I agree that some people may use determinism as excuse to be pathetic, especially religious groups.

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