Could we create the perfect world?

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Holly-May Leslie, Nov 27, 2021.

  1. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    Plus a tad condescending

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  3. billvon Valued Senior Member

    I don't think she's either. I think she's just young. She's changed her opinion on a few topics already, which is generally not troll behavior.

    I would hope that this forum has not become a place where anyone without a sufficient background is called a troll.
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  5. gmilam Valued Senior Member

    So your vote is for ignorance. That's good, because ignorance can be cured.
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  7. billvon Valued Senior Member

    I'd argue that someone who is making an effort to learn is not ignorant.
  8. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    Section 1: Okay.

    Section 2: I don't consider rational analysis to be waffle. I consider it to be, at least in part, an entirely different subject.
    Also, a lot of and probably most analysis is just about paying attention to what is and what isn't, which is covered in English by learning to read and write and speak.

    Section 3: There are all sorts of metaphors and connotations attached to all sorts of words. I didn't know about this one, but okay then. I honestly don't really care about other people's sexuality. I don't know why the world is so obsessed with this topic. It is weird.

    Section 4: Okay then. I don't really have any opinions on the matter. I was referring to those who are objectively crooked and wrong. As for how I intend to change them, I am writing a story with underlying theme's about what it takes to create utopia, like, material wealth and comfort, friendship, Restraint, etc. It also includes the opposite of some of these things for contrast. I don't underestimate the power of language. Even if telekinesis were real, language would probably be a better tool. I believe the ability to persuade is more potent than the ability to move things in the world.

    Section 5: I'm really not weak despite your implication. I just know that some people may know better than me about the topic at hand. That is why change my views to fit the other persons a lot. I never cave. My estimations do. Also, the way I learn is through discussion. Furthermore, nobody is really a challenge to me.

    Section 6: This is just emotional word salad.

    Section 7: They might start forcibly vaccinating people against coronavirus eventually. Also, I think that babies need to be decided for. Also, I highly doubt that they even know what a vaccine is, so I don't think that to administer one to a baby is forcing it to get the vaccine, in any case.

    Section 8: Okay. Do you think that just because the government says so, it should happen? That just because it is a rule it is good?

    Section 9: Okay. Your children will probably continue to have their time and effort drained and used and abused for the rest of their lives then. Also, I am not lazy. I just like to use my time and energy wisely. That is why I have about 97% of what I want.

    Section 10: Well then it is too much work. A good teacher can teach concisely, which probably wouldn't take much work or time at all. It would probably just take one or 2 good engaging discussions. Teachers should be more concise I reckon.

    Section 11: It does.

    Section 13: I stand by my estimation here. Also, materialism is a false paradigm, as words which mean anything other than some kind of experience mean nothing at all, and therefore anything other than some kind of experience is nothing at all. If people want to understand their world, they should study math or philosophy.

    Section 14: Actually, I understood all of my subjects perfectly, even though I missed 3 years of school. I just couldn't do enough work in the time I had to do so with everything else going on. I would say that it is the same for most people who fail school. Also, sometimes my teachers would give me less than a perfect grade because I had left out something I WAS NOT TOLD TO DO from the assessment. That is just bs. In summary, yes. I do think that people who fail school should be able to get jobs which require fields of expertise in subjects which they failed. I believe this for all of the aforementioned reasons.
  9. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    Jesus. I'm not sheltered. I just don't know much.
  10. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    I didn't say that the vaccine itself, or pushing it was leading to dictatorship. I doubt that this is so. I think that the circumstances surrounding the vaccine, namely the lock downs, are leading to dictatorship instead. This is what I said instead.

    Maybe every country did close their border. I don't think that things are right just because things are normal, even if you do. I don't, for one thing, think that it is right to jeopardize one's freedom of movement. That is, with the exception of the prevention of trespassing in some cases.

    As for what I learnt in school, I learnt word salad in school, mixed in with a bit of math, which was the only subject I took seriously.

    Do you know what? People probably shouldn't be allowed to own entire countries. It is effing ridiculous.

    That is all I have to say on these topics.
  11. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    Neither. Because I am a human. Do you think that babies couldn't learn to speak without school? Are you really that ignorant or are you an idiot?
  12. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    I have literally never tried gaslighting before.
  13. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    Okay. Maybe people just shouldn't be allowed to own entire countries, because that jeopardizes the freedom of movement for the rest of us.
  14. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    There is no such thing as too hubristic. I just learnt that word. I have been learning lots of new words recently.
  15. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    It is, perhaps correctly.
  16. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    It's all true. I am 17, so I don't know much. Sometimes not knowing doesn't matter, but often it might.
  17. Holly-May Leslie Registered Member

    I'm 17. It is true that I don't know much, probably because of this. Thanks for defending me. I don't need it, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  18. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    So many topics, so many people, it's a given
    Enter, stage left, stage right, down from the ceiling and up through the floor, the lawsuits. Not going to happen

    And this sentence proves there is

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  19. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Obviously you haven't learnt it since, by definition, it means "too much".
  20. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    Please tell us what valuable information might be gotten from your post.

    Otherwise, crawl back under your hole.
  21. Bells Staff Member

    You consider it to be a different subject, then you say it's "just about paying attention to what is and what isn't".

    And why are you responding to me and changing the subject? At no time did I say anything about "rational analysis".
    Perhaps it's a good idea to not comment or make generalisations about something you clearly do not understand.
    Without defining what you consider to be "crooked and wrong".
    Handmaid's Tale V2?
    Keep in mind that you won't change anyone's mind when you are barely able to master the English language, and you certainly won't change anyone's mind when you use said language to post inane comments with little regard for what is factual.

    I didn't say you were weak. Changing the subject again? Or simply unable to understand what is written? Bet you're missing those "ENGLISH" classes now, huh?
    I would say that is pretty obvious.
    Something something about contradictory applies here..
    And if you were having this discussion with kids in grade school, you might have a point. I say might, because even that is a high bar for you at present.

    It's not that no one is really a challenge for you, child. It's that no one is going to want to proverbially put a child in their place on an internet forum, because that would just be mean.
    We live in hope that one day you figure out how to use the software on this site, particularly the quote options so we know what you are actually addressing in a point.
    How are they going to forcibly vaccinate people?
    The government says you need to obtain a driver's licence before you drive and they also say that to obtain that licence, you need to pass a driving test. Do you think complying with that is silly because 'just because the government says so, it should happen"?

    Every single law passed, all the legislation, policies, is essentially the government saying so and it does happen. That is the rule. The government says don't speed, it's dangerous and if you speed, you get a fine. That is the rule. The government says you need to wear a seatbelt and that children have to be in car seats and if people don't comply, they can be charged or even arrested, as it's dangerous to drive kids around without car seats or seatbelts. That is the rule. Do you think they are wrong? Or are you just going to wing it and put the baby in someone's lap, because hey, just because the government said it, doesn't mean it should happen, right?

    Instead of learning the difference between 'there', 'their', 'they're', you're on sciforums telling a bunch of strangers how no one can really challenge you.

    I won't bother saying how I think you should be spending your time. And I'm not saying this to be bitchy, but in the hope that you further your studies and actually do something worthwhile with your life. You say you are a writer? If that is the case, it is important to actually do very well in English and literature. Without it, you won't get far. If you wish to be a writer, you also need to be a good researcher, understand and know history, understand laws (particularly laws pertaining to intellectual property) so that you don't make silly statements or mistakes. The reason I think you are lazy is because you make absolutely no effort to educate yourself on the issues you post on and instead, you make ridiculous statements.

    As for my kids, I'm pretty sure they'll be fine..
    As I said, you are lazy.

    You want things to be easy and do not want to work for it.
    Estimation of what?

    What did you estimate?

    Senseless word salad.

    You cannot write if you do not understand the world around you and be able to explain it to your readers.
    Then perhaps you did not understand directions properly.

    And there are classes in colleges and technical colleges that allow you to complete your high school studies. You should perhaps look into those. And if you struggle with the school work, there is help available.

    I would also recommend you read up how to use the software on this site, so that you don't post like a dozen posts in a row, responding to individuals. There is a quote function so you can highlight the text you are responding to, select reply and it creates a quote. So you can condense the posts into one post and it's all done for you by the software. There is a 10k character limit and if one's post is longer than that, then we normally then split the posts.
  22. Bells Staff Member

    This is what happens in a pandemic.
    Every country closed their border and most remained closed until just a few months ago. It's a bad pandemic and with air travel, it spread everywhere. It was basically essential travel only and cargo that was being flown around. Borders are only now just starting to reopen. It's not dictatorship. It was about keeping people safe and alive.
    Which is a shame. However, your current ignorance is self induced. You clearly have access to a wealth of information at your fingertips and you don't seem to make any use of it. You have no idea of what is happening around the world and instead take it upon yourself to make generalised statements about things you clearly do not understand. That is arguing from a standpoint of ignorance. You can change that be doing your own research to understand the world around you. That's not on your teachers. That's on you.
    I'm not even going to bother asking what you are on about now, because really, there's only so much I'm willing to take.
  23. billvon Valued Senior Member

    How do you enforce that? Nuclear weapons? Wars?

    Personally I think other countries should be able to organize their governments how they like, provided they don't start doing antisocial things like genocide or trying to take over the world.

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