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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Tiassa, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    I admit, there is probably a medical reason under the sun why "flouride-free" is a sales point for toothpaste, but still, I just don't foresee myself giving up the stuff my dentist prefers for the sake of a"natural whitening toothpaste" that "provides the protective benefits of therapeutic-grade [Brand Name] essential oils".

    And that's the thing; I have long affection for this or that nifty trick of folklore and herbal tradition, but the whole of the science behind it is, "Peppermint tea alleviates my headache without taking this or that pill ... why not?" And I get why a particular branded essential oil combination is good for "pain relief"; if I massage that much mint effect onto my body, yeah, it will work. But it's not actually going to fix anything.

    My sister in law does this thing at the height of her hay fever season with really strong lemonade and cayenne and it happens to be great for her sinuses. Won't cure cancer; probably best that she quit smoking. She used to think her sinuses felt worse for having quit smoking, then she realized she was just feeling them.

    I won't comment on the friend who was engaged to a naturopath; actually, it just wasn't the right relationship. Still, though, the point is that for everything else he, like us, won't give up science and medicine.

    Glycerin, water, hydrated silica, hydroxyapatate, xylitol, calcium carbonate, cellulose gum, peppermint oil, wild orange peel oil, clove bud oil, cinnamon bark oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, rosemary leaf oil, stevia extract, wintergreen leaf oil, myrrh oil, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, carrageenan, titanium dioxide

    And that's the thing; perhaps my superstition runs in that direction: This just doesn't seem like something I want to put in my mouth.

    Maybe I'm wrong.

    To the one, I wouldn't replace the toothpaste I regularly use.

    To the other, honestly, I'm hesitant to put this other stuff in my mouth at all.

    And is it relevant that I generally don't trust the whitening product sector, anyway?
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  3. ponkaponka Registered Member

    thanks for sharing such valuable information!
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