Nikelodeon's contributions - what are they?

Discussion in 'About the Members' started by Crunchy Cat, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Zakariya04 and it was Valued Senior Member

    Dear Crunchign Cats,

    thank you for your response,,

    Ok youi have your opinion on Nick, and i will have mine, i thinkw e will just be going round in circles if we carry on.... and btw it wasnt meant to be sarcastic, i was just trying to be humble with you.

    ok fine, but you upped the stakes by insulting my wife, now if you told me to suck shit through a straw from the backsidde of a Zebra (or similar)then fair enough but why you involved my rather hot and exceptionally good looking wife is beyond me (even thoguh she is a bit of a nagging pain)

    Apologies for insulting you first CC

    hi Sweetie

    anything for you my dear

    actually i have no real beef with anyone on these forums i was just trying to stick up for nick thats all.

    and dont you worry CC and I will be fine, if ok with CC that is,

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  3. sandy Banned Banned


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    Is this supposed to be about me? I don't have a husband. I didn't say I don't like Nik.

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  5. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    The reason that thread was locked to my knowledge was two simple reasons. Firstly some time back it was identified that Making polls and voting for people to moderate particular forums wasn't the way to pick moderators, this was decided after a member that became moderator in the past abused their powers and stalked another member properly by posting their real information, phone number etc.

    The other reason was at the time we all knew that it was a gag. I personally didn't close the thread in question, I would have just left it to die a death on it's own.

    The main changes in Nik were around the time that Scivillage went up and he was over there roughing the place up until spurious got his forum back up.
    He probably wasn't too happy at the time accessing sciforums which he repeated wanted to "Firebomb" during that period (Nov/Dec last year)

    You see a few of the people that seemingly group together (I don't want to say gang because for the most part it's probably inaccurate, they just enjoy hanging with each other and that's why they appear a gang) and this group conspires in another forum to get back at all the 'injustices' they feel have occurred to them.

    They have their specific Nemesis's (usually the moderator responsible for their banning) and because they feel that nobody stuck up for them (Although every time one got banned, a whiney post would emerge from one of the others). I think because they know that "Personal attacks" aren't on, they've actually marred the whole forums.

    An anology of this:

    A friend hangs out at a teenagers house while his fathers away. They might get up to things they aren't suppose to but on the fathers return he chases him out of the house. Now this occurs to every one of the teenagers friends when his father comes home. (His father lacks communicaton skills to say that he's chasing them off because he can see they are going to be a bad influence)

    This eventually leads to a conspiracy amongst the teenagers, as to whether they should egg the teens house over his fathers actions. So they go ahead and do it. Of course when done the father is furious, he'll no longer tolerate any of them near the house but what he also does is make that teenager who's friends they happen to be clean the entire house of the egg, so that teens pissed at his father and the friends for putting him through all this.
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  7. Ghost_007 Registered Senior Member


    So you fancy him?

    Nik are you hearing this? I think sandy likes you.
  8. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    got nothing interesting to do? forums was never down in that period. It was thriving and scivillage was a lame attempt to firebomb our little forum.

    I'm appalled by the blatant lies and the incitement of hatred propaganda by sciforums management.

    In our little forum dedicated to a friendly humourous discussion of all topics without oppressive moderation we honour our members.

    When Lucifers Angel asked me to delete her account I didn't keep stalling her or did i put up some blabla about the good of the forum. I deleted her account 10 minutes after she first asked me. That's because we care about people, because we know where we come from. From the people. We don't have something huge stuck up our arses.

    A few of the old guard played a bit with scivillage , the lame attempt to firebomb our little forum, and then we collectively decided to let it sink into oblivion. Because we all knew what it really was. That must have hurt Stryder, since ever since he came up with wild stories and accusations.

    We showed the world we, the so-called trouble makers, were quite capable of living together peacefully in scivillage, and then we gave you the finger by letting it drop like it meant nothing.

    I am extremely disappointed in stryder, but luckily we have build a great humourous community in our little forum and we are very happy there.

    We are happy to have shed the oppressive negativity of sciforums.
  9. sniffy Banned Banned

    Yeah! What she said ^^^^^^.
    And FYI some of us weren't even ever bandeded from this site or got any of the old infractions.
    So ner ner ner ner ner.

    And if you are the only fish in a pond you better make friends with the amphibians.
  10. sandy Banned Banned

    No. I like him. I think he's funny. Just like I like monkey. I can like people without fancying them.

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    Monkey, Nik, and I are saving ourselves because Jesus told us to, remember?

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  11. Sciencelovah Registered Senior Member

    Thank you for your response to my post, Stryder. Maybe I shouldn't have
    bring this topic again in the first place, it really seems a bad idea, I'm sorry.
    I wish for the well-being of sciforums and for the well-being of spurious forum
    as well, so everybody are happy. Also, if Nik will continue to post here, I wish
    he will show some good will like he used to be

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    huh who am I talking like this

    I think that I am out of this topic, sorry for the trouble I may have caused to

  12. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    You're welcome.

    That is a possibility. I really don't mind debate on the subject; however, I do think my position was misinterpreted by some people. Humans judge each other on one criteria and only one criteria: are they mean? When voicing a concern like this there is really no good way to avoid the knee-jerk emotional response of "hey he is being mean to someone". That is why some see themselves in a position of defense and when that happens they're trying to win a battle... not address a concern. Naturally there is no victory for a battler as they are fighting against an imaginary opposing position.

    Contrast the battlers with for example inzomnia, invert_nexus, or stryder whom perform research, share their results, think, hypothesize, and try to understand. They are trying to understand the concern and what might be involved.

    Hahaha, of course I upped the stakes. I am not a believer in the notion of fighting fair

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    No worries :cheers:.
  13. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    That is an interesting observation and you might be right. Spurrious may have jokingly put Nik into that position and if there were feelings of unappreciation, it may have been directed at the moderator as he took the last action (even though it was the thread starter that put him on the spot).

    That's an interesting sequence of events. I am glad that you at noticed things and took the opportunity to reach out to Nik. I am sure he appreciated it. Maybe he has been affected by could shoulders as you suggest. It's an interesting hypothesis.

    Good idea, I'll reach out to him via pm.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2008
  14. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    You have nothing to apologize for, anything you brought up was in an attempt to better explore the concern that the thread raised. As you saw from spurious' response to Stryder, there is alot of enmity between them and its part of a different issue.

    Oh, I am sure his next 20 posts will be just like the last 20... and so on.

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  15. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    I have to agree with Spurious on the subject of Stryder's forum. He said it better in his forum than in his post here, but from what I saw (and I must admit that I rarely went to Scivillage) Scivillage was composed of the 'problem posters' that hang out at Spurious's forum. They weren't vandalizing the place. They were the place.
    Then they stopped going there and the forum died. I don't know if there was a group decision made to boycott or if it just happened, but it transpired nonetheless.

    I'm often surprised by Stryder's characterizations of events. Although, to be fair, I wouldn't be surprised if people are sometimes surprised by mine.

    And. Also.
    I don't know Crunchy Cat's motivations behind this thread, they may be honorable for all I know. But I don't think that threads like this are necessarily kosher. It's basically a bash Nik thread.

    I think it should be locked at least. Possibly deleted.
  16. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    There is no 'but' invert. When there is a genuine concern with evidence, sweeping it under the carpet is a clear message of "It is better to not care than to appear mean".
  17. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Unfortunately, that didn't work. When sending a PM, the following message was received:

    "Nikelodeon has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space."
  18. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    No, there is a but.

    Two possible areas of concern.

    1.) Nik is such an ass that he should be banned for the good of the forums. That would make this a ban thread at worst. A bash thread at best. Neither are acceptable.

    2.) Nik is damaging himself by his one-liners and needs an intervention by those who care about him. But, you don't care about him. You don't even know him.

    Thus, this is a bash thread and should be closed.
    You can couch your terms as politely as you like, but the underlying sentiment remains the same.
  19. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    This is an invention of a polarization. It is two perceived outcomes / judgments based on your own biases. Clearly there are many outcomes that have not been explored (ex. Nik is really doing his best, Nik's posts are controlled by bot automation, Nik is afraid to speak his mind, etc...).

    To say I don't care about him is to say that the work I have invested into this site is because I care about it and its members... except Nik. Now that's messed up. Now whether or not I know him personally is a different story. There are not alot of clearly defining characteristics in his posts nor does PM appear to be an option.
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