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    Theoretical Physics
    By Trevor Borocz Johnson
    The four forces of nature are inherent in empty space or void and can be thought of as springs between atoms. A change in the pressure inherent in empty space would have an effect on the forces between atoms. space has the four forces built into it like a density that allows for the atoms and the EMR to move within confined limits i.e. the speed of light, fusion, etc.. Each change in dimension is a dramatic change in the 'density' of space. When a quark leaves the universe wall it expands because of the density of space in the new dimension it is in. The quark then becomes a block of void that creates space in the outside dimensional universe. It takes time to expand and its density adds pressure to the surrounding space, this pressure in empty space is what causes gravity.
    Two blocks of empty space, one from just above a black hole and the other void of any nearby mass, will totally reverse the properties of momentum for an atom and a light photon. This observation provides further evidence that the four forces of nature: electromagnetic, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear forces, are inherent in empty space rather than properties of the particles themselves.
    All releases of energy, including dropping a pen on the ground, are “explosions” of energy to a certain wattage. Any type could be collectively gathered into a slow burning system. one example is the sun’s fusion of individual hydrogen particles. Supernovae explosions could act as a slow burning fuel. A system such as this would occur at an unimaginable distance from earth and in a dimension with a tremendous change in the four force pressure of empty space, not a change like that caused by gravity, but a change in empty space that causes the inherent four forces of nature to be 'depressurized'. Gravity and light from this dimension would have no effect on the empty space dimension of the universe we are in, evidenced by the darkness that lies beyond the visible area of our universe. At the wall between the universe and this outside “4th dimension” of depressurized space, blocks of inactive void or empty space comprising the 4th dimension would filter into our universe and be crushed into units of superdense void which is what quarks are. The newly formed quarks then have the same filtering effect on the empty space dimension of our universe, hence creating infinite dimensions. This idea suggests the concept that empty space and the universe as a whole is comprised of a finite number of identical inactive void blocks similar in arrangement to a Rubik cube called cubic honeycomb symmetry.
    From this we can conclude that matter can have two states: the inactive state making void blocks of empty space, and the active state where the void blocks are crushed into super void quarks by a surrounding dimensional change. The number of quarks in the universe is in ratio to the number of empty space void blocks per area of quark. Blocks surrounding the quark are squeezed smaller as they’re churned through it’s dimension. A body such as a planet creates a field of these denser void blocks. An object passing by will “fall” into this field as it is attracted to the region of denser void which only increases the closer you are to the planet.
    Quarks spin at near light speed, which is much faster then a planet or star’s movement through the universe. As a quark traveling through the universe churns the inactive void blocks of empty space through its dimension of super void, the empty space blocks take time upon leaving the spinning quark dimension to turn back into their inactive space form. This creates an area outside the quark wherein the blocks of empty space void are denser. These denser blocks of space void are what creates gravity’s attraction force.
    If a body with a gravity field loses weight or during an object’s momentum on the surface of said body The field in its entirety decreases, and the units of empty space void expand slightly in a wave that perpetuates outward from the object. This is what creates gravity waves.
    Vestibular communications between two parties creates a whistling in the ears. The sound coming from the cochlea during voluntary attempts to create short tones of whistling is so weak that the vestibular must amplify and receive the vibrations in gravity waves caused by the quiet sound waves. This may suggest that the ear is made like a pendulum to make it highly sensitive to weak vibrations similar to resilience in elasticity.
    An elastic diaphragm microphone placed in a vacuum jar may be as sensitive as the vestibular. By tuning such a receiver you may be able to 'tune in' to a person's vestibular in a surrounding area. Gravity waves are a vibration in space time and travel through objects, where sound waves travel between molecules in a closed area. This is similar to the effect of thermal heating in conventional vs nuclear explosives.
    Science of the vestibular could start saving lives from suicide deaths related to schizoid and other mental disorders as soon as it is better understood and implemented.
    The number of quarks in a human body is 1.345 x 10^29. The area in which all the quarks of the earth would occupy if only quarks were to fill a region is a sphere with a diameter of .7 inches. That puts the weight of the earth into a teaspoon. In comparison to the size of the gravity field they create from there desolate existence it is clear that a quark has a much greater role in the universe then that of its physical boundaries. The gravitational field that extends outward from a single quark is far beyond it’s size multiplied by any degree like double or even square. The limits of the gravitational boundaries of a single quark is of an inch to a sphere with a radius of up to four million miles. It is at this boundary ratio to a single quark that its influence on space seizes and the empty void of space can return to its unchanged form. That is for a single quark. For the nucleus of a hydrogen atom which contains six quarks, three in its neutron and three in its proton, the region of boundary where the influence of gravity and decompressing empty space void units returns to its non influenced state may ‘wobble’ between several different boundaries due to the combination of quark spins.
    These different boundaries are what make up the different electron shells that an atom can have. From here at these boundaries, the atom’s retain the electron’s that compose their essence. The effect is due to the squeezing of gravity on the energy grid of empty space. It is similar to the effect of a black hole trapping light within its super effect on the surrounding space that it is in. When you squeeze space with gravity the region acts as a positive attractive force for the negative force of energy. An electron then is simply a slice of energy whose amount is calculated by the edge of the region of space that is affected by an atom’s gravity.
    Just like gravity is two different dimensions of void acting on each other, the active form that is super dense quarks, and the inactive form that is empty space void units, so too is energy present in two different states. Its active form being electromagnetic radiation(EMR) and electrons, and its inactive form the weaker energy dimension of empty space. This weaker energy dimension is like a grid and has the property of flowing. The weaker energy dimension of empty space is like a lining between the blocks of empty space void. It would resemble something like the lines on a sheet of graph paper where the white blocks on the sheet are the units of empty space void. Also just as void entering from empty space into the universe is crushed into super dense active void blocks called quarks, so too does this dimensional change of empty space result in the crushing and activation of empty space dimensional energy into EMR. The energy entering the new dimension then sublimes from a solid like state in its weak form to more of a free moving gas like state in its newly crushed strong form.
    Electromagnetic radiation is a stress on this weaker dimensional energy of empty space which can be felt by passing electricity through the body, like holding a 9 volt battery to your tongue, or when you enter the bright sun from a shady area. The stress gives energy and electrons ‘weight’ by squeezing on the dimensional void of space creating the effect of gravity. The squeezing stress itself is invisible which can be observed by holding a flashlight or LED behind one’s head and pointing it in the direction of sight in the dark. Anything within the region of squeezing will become illuminated but space itself will remain dark. In a sunlit room each illuminated object will add its own hue of coloration to the overall tension in the room which can be observed by holding a white sheet of paper in the center of the room. The sheet of paper will reflect the mixture of colorations that are present in the tension of empty space and changes as you move it around.

    Magnetism is a property of the flowing of the empty space energy dimension. In a ferromagnetic material all the electrons orbit in the same direction. This creates a fan like churning of the empty space energy dimension. A magnetic field is then stirred up like wind through fan blades where one side of the material, south, is the draw for the fan, and the other side of the material, north, is the region that the ‘air’ would fill. Thusly two north ends repel each other and so do two southern ends. When you move the magnet around you change the region of empty space which it has an effect on.
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    You wall of pseudo-science garbage has been reported as such so that it can be moved to the fringe section or the cesspool.

    Luckily, I did not have to read more than a line or 2 to see that it is all just gibberish.
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    A load of garbage. Just what we've come to expect from this poster.
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