polar vortex

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by sculptor, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. sculptor Valued Senior Member

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  3. arfa brane call me arf Valued Senior Member

    When you say, "the" polar vortex, which one do you mean? You realise there are two poles, right?

    Besides, isn't "polar vortex" something the liberals made up? I read that on a climate denialist site.

    Oh right, you mean the stable pattern of circumpolar winds at the north pole, the one that went unstable recently and allowed a large mass of cold air to flow all the way to the Gulf of Mexico? That polar vortex?
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  5. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    ok arf
    north pole
    (I'm in iowa-usa)
    It seems that many people use the phrase imprecisely/inaccurately
    it is supposed to center on the north pole---and start up early in the winter--thereby bottling up the coldest air there.
    This year it was a disorganized mess that allowed record cold in Siberia and northern China.
    ok, so it formed in the wrong place and now it is north america's turn at the cold-----we've been running 20-30 degreesF below normal for a couple weeks now. Natural gas is in short supply.....a lot of texicans ain't comfortable
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  7. arfa brane call me arf Valued Senior Member

    See what I did there, is what someone like Jason Statham might say was "taking the piss".

    A curious phrase of, I believe, British origin. When you were piss-poor, you collected jars of piss from people's houses and traded them with leatherworks. Taking the piss used to mean doing this job.

    But that was then; now it means something else.
  8. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member



    "Take the piss" may be a reference to a related (and dated) idiomatic expression, piss-proud, which is a vulgar pun referring to the morning erections ... in a metaphoric sense, then, someone who is "piss-proud" would suffer from false pride, and taking the piss out of them refers to deflating this false pride, through disparagement or mockery. As knowledge of the expression's metaphoric origin became lost on users, "taking the piss out of" came to be synonymous with disparagement or mockery itself, with less regard to the pride of the subject.

    Conversely, the North East of England also lays claim to the phrase's origin, citing the urine trade which was seen as an undesireable cargo for sailors working from the River Tyne. Because the city collected urine from public facilities and exported a refined version of it, it was often used as ship's ballast in place of water - having a resale value at the other end of the journey. Consequently, sailors discussing their cargo in local establishments would genially accuse others reputed to be lying about their cargo of "taking the piss" - or hauling urine.
  9. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    for some in the usa
    the phrase pole means north & arctic means south
    its quite odd

    vortex is also a brand of exercise machines
    which is quite ironic considering how terribly fat & unhealthy most Americans are.
    i believe American fat people coined the phrase "just because your fat doesn't mean your unhealthy"
    and then popularized it is a whiny baby normalcy(mainstreamed it into litigious common culture)

    they poverty shame people but they wont let anyone get away with fat shaming people

    no social services
    no taxation
    & a pill for everything
    privatised national health system

    the perfect storm to be the addiction capital of the world

    look at Texas
    owns all the oil & gas but cant deliver it to their own citizens who are dying from the cold & their whole state has collapsed

    they are looking to blame the magical vortex like a force from god and equally mysterious
    it will give all the leaders something to blame and say
    "oh gee whizz we never could have anticipated that"

    when you will find scientists meteorologists and me all predicted this some years back and a lot more recently.

    the uneducated average American consumer urbanite is a sad product of their culture
    but the Texas state governor trying to blame them for being the product of his own society that elected him & he serviced with his intelligence & greed
    is no better than he is.

    more recent science has clearly shown ice age situations around north America which is quite interesting.
    but look at how the majority of Americans have been indoctrinated by their political & church leaders & celebrity's and their media to not trust science
    while they push intelligent design in schools

    they are giving life to the "vortex" to make it the magical beast of destruction to blame it instead of their own lack of intelligence & caring & planning
    & to find an out for their massive corruption in leadership

    what happened to the national guard ?
    why were they not called up immediately ?

    why did all the Texas political leadership run away from the state & not call up the national guard or declare it a disaster & seek help ?

    the corruption is so deep & common place it becomes "normal"
    & the adults use their child like Egos as human shields to prevent being accountable & to beat down discussion by creating ego wars while people continue to suffer & they change nothing, which is why they have so much violence & so much psychopathy
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  10. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


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