Put Your Own Enemies To Death

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Saith, Mar 19, 2005.


Do you want the choice of being able to kill your own enemy?

  1. Yes

    3 vote(s)
  2. No

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  3. Not sure

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  1. Saith Registered Senior Member

    If someone killed someone you loved, would you like to be able to choose whether you or your government puts them to death?

    If yes... how far would you like to be able to go? Would you want to pull the switch, shoot them in the head, beat them with a crowbar, or kill them with your bare hands like that guy did in 28 days later (the coolest thing i've ever seen in a movie)?

    If the killer was someone like Mike Tyson, then you might want the gun. Although, maybe you could have him tied down for a couple months so his muscles go away. Or maybe you could have it out with him in some isolated location where you can make crude weapons out of thing that you find in your environment.
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  3. mountainhare Banned Banned

    In the majority of cases, if someone badly hurt/killed someone I loved, I will track them down and enact justice myself.

    The problem here is that there are some cases where I would not have the heart to.

    1. It was an accident (eg. Child hit because they ran in front of car).

    2. If the murderer shows geniune remorse, and has a family (especially kids).
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  5. Jaybee from his cast Banned Banned

    Causing death is immoral, but I choose what pain my transgressor should suffer, suffers.

    Fvck him. Let him scream in agony, a fate worse than Hell itself, and let him stare into MY eyes as he undergoes a fate worse than life itself.

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  7. Gambit Star Universal Entity Registered Senior Member

    This is a difficult situation within my morals.

    I simply cannot inflict pain upon ones mind and soul, but....

    if this person was a murder and was going to do it again I would need to know that he/she was learning something from their incredible crime and I would enforce a judgement of pain.

    I think a person as such, should feel the pain of the crime they have commited, but also, to have the support for change or the support of an adequate detention system.

    Alot of people do change who they are and try to seeks forgiveness, and I am willing to trust another under certain circumstances.
  8. rbruma Registered Member

    I would probably choose to kill him but certainly I wouldn't try to make him suffer. And this for the simple reason that I don't believe in the existence of punitive measures, only in the existence of preventive ones. His suffering does not anihilate mine and looking at his misery doesn't make me happy. In a such a state of sorrow as I would presumably be after loosing someone I loved, I wouldn't even see the bastard. I would shoot him in the head absent-mindedly, the same way I'd close the door to my room.
  9. finewine Registered Senior Member

    It is a wise saying learned from a warrior sage. "Make friends with your enemies." You can better defeat them that way.
    I do not wish death on anyone.

  10. bbcboy Recovering christian Registered Senior Member

    It's true, a dead enemy learns nothing.
    better to fight and beat them
    They remain beaten for the rest of their miserable little lives.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2005

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