sacrifice - human or other?

Discussion in 'Comparative Religion' started by mathman, Nov 28, 2020.

  1. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    Are you interested in the prediction that the Jewish people will probably do some sacrifices of kosher animals in order to fulfill Ezekiel chapters forty to forty eight?

    I take the predictions in Ezekiel chapter forty to forty eight very seriously due to:
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  3. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    The Death penalty is a human sacrifice
    but is the modernized sterilized version encased in half false moral hypocrisy's used to support failed cultural and social ideology
    & install fear into the general public.

    muslims ritualistically kill animals before they eat them
    so all animals for food are sacrificial living creatures given to their god

    there may be some examples of gifting dead animals to gods in some other religions where they give food offerings
    however i suspect most of those are all in vegetarian religions

    both Asian & African cultures practice animal sacrifice as a normal part of their modern life and culture.

    Cock(& dog & baiting) fighting is probably a good sign of that shared moral ideology as an easily observable statistical representation

    it is quite a complicated subject

    if your unable to comprehend the larger picture of the human mind
    then discussing technical specifics becomes less than pointless
    it becomes a form of indoctrinated cult language which creates false ideologies
    so i am somewhat reluctant to get into any real technical discussion on the subject

    subjective moral horror is a propaganda tool used by extremists and the far right continually,
    the far left tend not to use moral horror
    you can argue the nazi party to be far left or far right
    they were far right pretending to be middle left
    nazis practice human sacrifice as part of their culture & ideology
    aside from any genocidal aspects

    genocide is a different subject

    american culture has some enshrined practices of human sacrifice inside their modernized culture
    that is endorsed and supported through other cultural aspects

    American Nazis lynching black people is human sacrifice
    they are not practicing genocide
    it is selective human sacrifice to install terrorism on society
    to create moral and social horror

    the modern question is currently
    "button pressure executioners" as a form of denial of life for population control as human mass culls
    that drives a majority of political policy and ideologies in most countrys

    usa for an example endorses human sacrifice of poor people through denial of health care
    it is a conscious moral culture choice the American people make
    political ideology is manufactured to define
    "competition of the fittest as survival of the fittest"
    this ideology is shared supported and promoted by a lot of american church groups
    those American church groups make up the majority of liberal conservatives supporting the republican party

    soo there is your cause and effect of modernized human sacrifice as a American christian model
    sold as a political ideology
    enshrined in religion and sold as liberal personal freedom

    this is why the American mainstream church groups so strongly support the death penalty
    to maintain the moral validity of human sacrifice

    simple explanations that allow people to sell off their guilt via moral proxy is common
    but a practice for fools and cannon fodder
    the reality is far more complicated

    Tiassa could school you on some both-sides-isms social moral influential indoctrination which supports and maintains these aspects
    (he has posted various comments over the last few years touching on the subject[which he knows well] if you paid attention but its a technical subject and most do not have the mind or stomach for the intellectual entertainment of the subject in its real functional form) however that subject is probably too technical for the vast majority.
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  5. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    No. That is not done to appease a god.
    No it hasn't.
    No. That is not done to appease a god.
    That is their desired goal.
    You're completely at sea, there. What on earth are you talking about? Political parties publish their ideologies. They do not include "denial of life" and such things.
    No. That is another misapplication of the term "human sacrifice".
    Name one.
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  7. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    George Carlin observed a connection between the death penalty and sacrifice.

    warning, very crude language.
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  8. C C Consular Corps - "the backbone of diplomacy" Valued Senior Member

    It may have facilitated the development of larger population complexes and the governance over them. That is, once the cultural quirk or mutation arose it was selected to continue due to some practical benefit like that (not just the religious propaganda and supernatural mishmash).

    In that context, "ritual sacrifice may have spurred the transition of small, egalitarian societies to large, stratified ones".

    Animal sacrifice was more suited for the average "citizen" or priest (homicidal maniacs running amok would not be desirable). With limited human sacrifice (prisoners of war, especially) mediated by the state and its high priests. High profile cults that were teacher's pets of the state might receive tentative exemptions for removing beating human hearts or draining the blood from Nunan the drunk or the Duella the virgin.

    Eventually that kind of "civilization" gained enough momentum to persist on its own without accessory constraints and justifications. However, traditions can mindlessly continue long after the clumsy, pragmatic reasons expired.

    "Despite its barbaric nature, human sacrifice was a useful tool for rulers, elites, and religious figures to maintain or cement their power, or even to proclaim their own divinity."
  9. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    you say no
    but the reality is the peoples moral ethics are driven and controlled by Christianity demanding the person lose their life as an eye for an eye
    then they claim they have evolved and they no longer support such bloody morals
    then they change their moral position to demand the death is required to save money
    and then they demand the death because they believe their justice system has failed and is incapable of convicting someone and incarcerating them properly
    so they demand the person be murdered by a button presser to appease their moral religious beliefs
    effectively appeasing their belief in a god aspects need for moral dictatorship
    the will of the gods

    the data is significant and consistent
    you appear to be not familiar with the subject

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    what is the need to execute the person if they are locked up for life ?
    is there a margin of error where innocent people get convicted ?
    is life held as being most sacred and so therefor ideologically should err on the side of not exterminating it ?
    how can a good honest bible following church going christian support the death penalty ?
    is that religious support so they define it as a religious need ?

    why is there no polling questions on this key issue in any historical record ?
    my opinion
    (because it has been deliberately avoided because they do not wish to make the religious need for execution/sacrifice/blood-letting/culling to be publicly recognized)

    there is simply o logical need for the death penalty
    unless it is a human sacrifice
    or tool of terror

    which are you saying it is for you ?(how does your morality define your need to murder?)

    Racist application of the death penalty by false accusation and wrongful conviction to install terror as a control system using human sacrifice in society

    it seems fairly obvious

    can you show me the need for the person to be sacrificed/executed(death penalty) ?
  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    you dont appear to be "read in" on the subject
    i suggest you do some actual research

    american nazis dont want to exterminate all blacks
    they want to subjugate them to maintain them as a minority class & move them out of common white areas

    there is a range of social functions that black people are desired to carry out inside a white master race society(American naziism which is called white nationalism)

    it astounds me that you are not up on this basic principal.

    moving on ...

    death penalty is denial of life
    contraception & abortion is denial of life
    they share equal moral foundation inside a religious dogma

    you saying "oh no its not" does not make it not true
    your not offering any actual discussion
    you just standing there like(posting like the caricature) 'the big fat bully yelling NO & pointing'

    if you are uncomfortable (and apparently incapable) of discussing the hard subjects of religion then maybe you should read mindfully from the side of the stage

    if most people self define as religious
    and they support an execution process where people are voluntarily killed with no need except an emotional dogma social terror
    then the death is not a need and so therefor voluntary to service morals
    morals that they openly admit are religious by their very nature
    and so appease their god as a process of religious practice

    its very very simple

    post note
    both-sides-ism as socio-cultural highly contagious mental disease
    demanding to flame another racial group or culture as being "worse" to propose a justification of immoral acts instead of examining and reforming the immoral acts
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