Star Wars vs Star Trek (Redux)

Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by Stryder, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. zgmc Registered Senior Member

    That stuff doesn't really bother me. Its entertainment. I'm not looking to learn anything about science from Star Trek.
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  3. krash661 [MK6] transitioning scifi to reality Valued Senior Member

    " Star Wars vs Star Trek (Redux) "

    star trek, hands down.
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  5. Landau Roof Registered Senior Member

    I find it intriguing that Kirk and Spock were both played by Jewish actors, which is what makes the Muppets' 'Pigs in Space' shtick so hilarious.
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  7. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    I guess star wars- just reads bad the title, yet it ain't a bad movie really I guess.

    now star trek: had the

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    flagship enterprise in it (at least that's what I called it the starship) to honor the fact that smart people don't forget about the interest of the foundation of the United Nations in the U.S.A

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    one of my teachers at university in the field of Socialphilosophy/human behaviorism.had us watch a "Trek' show..
  8. The. Ring. Banned Banned

    What versus, Luks skywalker and Princess Leah are both real life heroin addicts, William Shatner is now king of the commercial..... Seriously, the first Star Wars movie, was wonderful in it's time, but every movie since has been downhill from there, no matter how well they did financially. The first Star Trek movie was entirely awful, so bad in fact, that no sequel was guaranteed, and every movie since has been uphill.
  9. krash661 [MK6] transitioning scifi to reality Valued Senior Member

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  10. zgmc Registered Senior Member

    Now I have somewhere else to waste time!
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  11. Kittamaru Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Adieu, Sciforums. Valued Senior Member

    Er... thing is, the name Enterprise hails back to LONG before the USA even existed...'Enterprise - the French schooner L'Enterprise - rename of the L'Enterprise, and then:

    Fifteen ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Enterprise (or HMS Enterprize) while another was planned:

    • HMS Enterprise was a 24-gun sixth rate, previously the French frigate L'Entreprise, captured in May 1705. She was wrecked in October 1707.
    • HMS Enterprise was a 44-gun fifth rate launched in 1709. She underwent a great repair in 1718-19, was hulked in 1740 and fitted as a hospital ship in 1745 before being sold in 1749.
    • HMS Enterprise was to have been a 44-gun fifth rate. She was renamed HMS Liverpool five months before her launch in 1741.
    • HMS Enterprize was an 8 gun sloop captured from the Spanish in 1743. She was employed solely in the Mediterranean as a despatch vessel and tender, and was sold in 1748 at Minorca.
    • HMS Enterprise was a 48-gun fifth rate launched in 1693 as HMS Norwich. She was renamed HMS Enterprise in 1744 as a 44-gun fifth rate and was broken up in 1771.
    • HMS Enterprise was a 28-gun Enterprise-class sixth-rate frigate launched in August 1774, on harbour service from 1790 and broken up in 1807.
    • HMS Enterprize was a 10-gun tender captured by the Americans in 1775.
    • HMS Enterprise was a ship used for harbour service, launched in 1778 as HMS Resource. Resource was rebuilt as a 22-gun floating battery in 1804, renamed HMS Enterprise in 1806 and sold in 1816.
    • HMS Enterprise was a wooden paddle gunvessel purchased in 1824 and in service until 1830.
    • HMS Enterprise was a survey sloop launched in 1848, used as a coal hulk from 1860 and sold in 1903.
    • HMS Enterprise was to have been a wooden screw sloop. She was laid down in 1861, renamed HMS Circassian in 1862 but cancelled in 1863.
    • HMS Enterprise was an ironclad sloop ordered as HMS Circassian, but renamed in 1862. She was launched in 1864 and sold in 1884.
    • HMS Enterprise was an Emerald-class light cruiser launched in 1919 and sold in 1946.
    • HMS Enterprise was an Echo-class inshore survey ship launched on 1958 and sold in 1985.
    • HMS Enterprise is an Echo-class multi-role survey vessel (Hydrographic/Oceanographic) launched in 2002 and currently in service.
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  12. Intersect Registered Member

    Might as well throw in Farscape as well.
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  13. roma_uchiha Registered Member

    Star Wars ofc
  14. Bellator Jedi Registered Member

  15. Sardonic Crisis The God Emperor Registered Senior Member

    Where is the poll?! People voted and became involved with one of the longest threads I have ever seen... this continuation is going nowhere with out it.
    I continue to support Dune all the way as per the OP's poll. (but if you add other sci-fi's I would change to Doctor Who?).
  16. psikeyhackr Live Long and Suffer Valued Senior Member

    A TNG episode uses the term Soliton Wave. I had never heard of it so I looked it up.

    This is used in signal transmission down long cables. Although the terminology may not be used properly in the show as it applies to reality, it can still be enlightening if one does a little research. I think that is another level of entertainment.

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  17. kmguru Staff Member

    In case anyone reads...

    I saw some new start trek movies done by some groups in youtube. The catch is...people are fighting on a planet including crazy humans killing each other....

    There will be no such thing happen in a galactic scale under the present real federation or whatever you want to call it...The Universe passed those days perhaps a few million years ago (except the Inter-dimensional crazy war)

    In other words, barbarians everywhere???...NOT Allowed...
  18. professorpunctual Registered Member

    This isn't even a battle... Star Wars is 400 times better than Star Trek. Characters are far more interesting, action is more epic, and story easily trumps.
  19. river

    I stopped watching Next Gen when one crewman declared that the engines were faulty and the power output was rising "symptomatically".

    Out of control engine output .
  20. river

    Star Trek and Star Wars are completely different concepts .

    Star Trek is about Discovery , Exploration of the Galaxy and the Universe . Star Wars is about politics . And religion . And Life Energy . Really they are not comparable . To my thinking .
  21. river

    And War .

    Star Trek , is not about war , it is about Exploration , Discovery and Peace . Learning .
  22. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    I just recently got interested in Star trek, via video streaming services.
    and the current Star Trek: Discovery.
    Covid-binging seems to be a thing these days...
    One of the key things needed to be considered is that Star Trek was designed initially for TV, episode based with advertising breaks. So the plot of most ( some ) of them is episode-al, short stories and not long journey style stories.
    The current story, S T Discovery is 3 seasons ( a 4th on the way in Australia) of long story and to be honest IMO, a rather well produced sci fi product that could stand alone with out heavy reliance on a franchise.
    Sure it's got quite a few inconsistencies and some rather obsessional melodramatic sentimentality but one is reminded that sci fi soap has to for the episod-al TV audience it is designed to attract.

    I agree that there really is no way you can compare the two, Trek vs Star Wars in terms of who wins a hypothetical war except to suggest that if the good guys in both teamed up "evil" doesn't stand a chance... lol
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  23. river

    Why laugh ? This Universe is vast . Many advanced Beings are out there , no doubt .

    I myself much preferred the older stuff . I get turned off with these long drawn out soaps . It gets friggin Boring .

    Something New Every Week . I'm in .
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