"We" stole the Indian's land.... Oh really ?

Discussion in 'History' started by Cazzo, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. kmguru Staff Member

    Not sure if I posted this here, but from the Law of Attraction, I learned...the time will come when Native American system will take a decent up lifting in about say 350 years...that is because it is the best system on the planet in this time of civilization.

    You may say why? - Well, in the next 200 years we would have serious Climate Change that will cause a havoc in this civilization. Whoever left will re-understand what the social deals are and find a new civilization....that is when all these items will come forward....the system has just started in 2014. And it is exponential...and if you do not like it...too bad...as to what we forgot, the Vortex does not forget....over time...just human ideas that pushes the right path.....or not...

    You may say...why this happened and why the change? Well, for every new experience...there are trials and errors. The Universe allows those since Life does not die out...just the husks....
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  3. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    I know as well as the next university graduate that many of the indigenous communities in the Western Hemisphere had developed rather sophisticated social systems. There's no need to concentrate on the Neolithic tribes of North America, when the Olmec-Maya-Inca culture in Central America had established a rich Bronze Age civilization, as had the Incas in South America.

    Obviously many of the Euro-American scholars in the 18th century were aware of the achievements of the native people. Nonetheless, they drew the inspiration for their nascent democratic societies from the experiments in Europe, which had already undergone its Renaissance and was well into its Enlightenment. These are steps in the development of civilization that the native American people had simply not reached yet.
    None of those ideas were invented exclusively in North America. The Europeans had been fiddling with them since the heyday of Greece.

    You simply can't ignore the role of technology in the development of civilization. For starters, civilization itself could not have been created without the agricultural technologies (farming and animal husbandry) that marked the transition from the Paleolithic Era to the Neolithic... for the obvious reason that nomads don't spend enough time in one place to make it into a city... and for the less obvious reason that without the surplus food that agriculture delivers, neighboring tribes will make war on each other every time there's a drought, hoping to steal each other's meager food supply.

    Look at the changes taking place in modern civilization, as the Digital Revolution began before we really had a chance to make sense out of the Industrial Revolution. On our side of the planet, we're fumbling along, trying to make sense out of our social problems, while on the other side people are still trying to live by the rules in the obsolete holy books of the Bronze Age.

    You can't be serious if you suggest that an Iron Age civilization, on the cusp of the Industrial Revolution, could have organized itself by the principles developed by the native people of North America, who were still using Stone Age technology without draft animals or a written language.
    Of course they did. But they would have done quite well without them.

    As I have noted before, the primary reason that the United States is so successful has nothing to do with politics, philosophy, or other components of culture. Our forefathers, by sheer luck, landed on one of the only large land masses on this planet that had never developed a civilization. North America was a paradise of virgin forests, clean water, rich topsoil and untapped ores and other minerals. Even the communists would probably not have been able to ruin it.

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    That's a nice romantic point of view but largely imaginary. They disguised themselves as Native Americans because then they could claim that "the Indians did it." By the time of the American Revolution, there was already considerable animosity between the people of European and Native ancestry. The people who founded the country did not have our attitude about the Indians. There were nearly constant wars between the two peoples, and most of the time the Indians lost.
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