What are your thoughts about Sri Ramana Maharshi?

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by Awake, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    yup, Lao Tzu translates as something like "venerable old man", more of an honorific title than an actual name
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  3. DEVARSHY Registered Member

    Alright, Now when I see this topic I have to Give you all a piece of Information that most do noy Know.

    Did you know That The STARWARS Trilogy and all The empire It spawned was in many ways based on Shri Ramana Maharshi's teachings?

    I'll explain how.
    George Lucas learned his storywriting skills and Mythological trappings in them grom Joseph Campbell.

    Joseph Campbell in turn had His Guru and spiritual teacher as Heinrich Zimmer...

    And Heinrich Zimmer was a desciple Of Ramana Maharshi.

    Check This out.

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  5. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    The similarity between Yoda's words and eastern philosophy seems pretty obvious, although I have always been disappointed in how it was watered down and western elements thrown in.
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  7. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    It seems that some people here write about Ramana Maharshi without having a clue who he was. I was always attracted to him and his approach to shattering the wall that separates us from .................

    Too bad he dead. It's been twenty years since I read Ramana and about Ramana but I think I remember reading that he had a strong shakti emanation. The fools don't know anything about good shakti because it is rare and the Christian mystic tradition has become confused and weak. Shakti is not charisma. Experiencing somebody's Shakti is more like taking drugs or putting your finger in a light socket. Strong Shakti shows you that people like Ramana and Jesus are not just bullshitting and that there is more to life than achieving wealth, prestige, and children. Still for a third rate chela like myself the shakti drug is dangerous because it could get you addicted to a third rate guru. There are some cruel abusive self-delusional wisdomless fools out there who never the less emanate significant Shakti, and it is a tragedy when people call these fools gurus and let them run their lives. I believe that Ramana was a real saint rather than a false guru.

    Even if you awaken the shakti in yourself though your meditation practice the shakti can be confusing and could lead to problems. Still Ramana's words were probably only part of his teaching and his Shakti was probably every bit as important a part of his teaching.

    It's not believable until you taste it.
  8. duendy Registered Senior Member

    have you ever asked yourself wheres the womens at. u know its all male male male skinny gurus with their skimpy loincloth and ever so saintly poses

    and 'shakti' refers to Goddess

    what i am not mad about is people being put on a spiritua pedastal 'guru' OR 'saint' OR 'master'. we are ALL capable of experincing shakti via free use of hallucinogens. but when you look at the set-up--of the indian guru/saint set-up, what do we find? we FIND that freee use of hallucinogens is not favoured. yet 'rare MALE saintly role models' are the poster boys...and all the following wannabees go 'aaaah, why cant I be like that?'...and so the story goes
  9. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    I don't know.

    God is portrayed as male and the Earth and Gods lovers (whether male or female) and shakti energy are portrayed as female and I can't tell you whether this is sexism or based on some underlying reality.

    Why are rockers and garage bands male? I think women tend to be more grounded and practical than men and therefore play saner games than men and don't push themselves to the extreme as often as men. Perhaps women feel more and therefore are less likely to be able to get lost in their heads and blind themselves into thinking that they are something (like gurus) that they are not.

    There are women Gurus, and fake gurus, just not as many.

    I agree with being wary of Gurus but I still like and respect the Guru / disciple traditions.

    There have been bad scientists pushing bogus theories but we don't throw out science. After the atomic bombs were used Einstein was quoted as saying something like he wished he had been a plumber, but despite the atomic bombs I am still glad that Einstein was a scientist because I think that in the long run science will prove to be a good thing. I think mysticism is also a good thing over the long run.

    LSD is not the equivalent of Shakti although they are related. LSD also is not safe. Some of the breath work phenomena that might occur with soulful gospel music is also related.

    J Krishnamurti was tortured by the Theosophs so I understand why he hated the Guru cult insanity. I was not aware that J Krishnamurti misbehaved in his personal life. I heard the he also emanated some energy. I always hear about sexual misconduct of gurus but I didn't hear about that with J Krishnamurti. Indians can be twisted around Sex. There might be false accusations.

    I think there was dirt on U.G. Krishnamurti

    Did Krisnamurti mess with peoples lives or did he just not interfere when somebody in his entourage created a bad cult around Krishnamurti.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2005
  10. duendy Registered Senior Member

    According to his mistress. he had an affiar behind his best friends back with his wife, her.` whilst cheated one was runnin ragged to keep J.K on the road and in monies
  11. duartmaclean Registered Member

    ramana maharshi

    I have been studying the teachings and life of Ramana Maharshi for 15 years and have yet to find anything to fault him for.

    His thinking is clear, straight-forward, yet subtle. He had no agenda to promote. His ashram grew up around him. He simply responded to the demands made upon him by the ever-growing numbers of people to came to him for knowledge or consolation or enlightenment or relief from inner confusion, etc.

    His simplicity masks the brilliance of his insights.

    I have found not the slightest trace of self-aggrandizement on his part -- as reported in the many biographies and commentaries written on him by those who knew him directly.

    He never touched money and never asked for it. He owned no property -- not even the ashram. He never so much as flirted with any of the many women who came to his ashram. He never verbally attacked a single soul, or spoke harshly against those who created mischief for him. Every one who came to his ashram as a guest was offered food upon arriving. He had an amazing relationship with animals -- similar to St Francis Assissi. He never promoted himself. In his fifty years as a recognized guru, he wrote no more that two hundred pages of which one hundred pages where translations he had done of other great masters. He never offer miracles or claimed special powers, although miraculous things (such as spontaneous healings, etc) occurred spontaneously around him all the time. He never claimed to be the author of these occurrences and yet it was evident that somehow he was the source of them. He treated high and low with equal respect -- he would take time for beggars who came to him and he would pay equal respect to the famous as well.

    His teaching was simple and profound: Find out who you are by enquiring "Who am I?". Many became realized by following his simple teaching. He never asked anything in return.
  12. Awake Just BE! Registered Senior Member

    I agree. Whenever I read or hear about a "spiritual" person that makes sense or uplifts me in some way, I start researching every aspect to see what history or skeletons in the closet that might be waiting. When I started getting interested in Ramana Maharshi, I couldn't find anything negative about him. I have several shelves of books on religion, spirituality and different belief systems. I am preparing to move and am going to be selling or donating most of them. The first ones packed for me to keep are the 5 binders of information and reseach about Ramana Maharshi. I am not interested just because I haven't found anything derogatory about him, but because the message is so simple and so true. It is always said that to become enlightened is simple, just an epiphany, a shift in conciousness. That too is what I feel is relayed in the question, "Who am I?" I have grown spiritually by contemplating this question.

    Thank you for the feed back. Other comments are welcome.
  13. anti-sect Registered Member

    The proof that Ramana Maharshi is the Devil.

    The proof that Ramana Maharshi is the Devil.
    1.Sri Ramana Maharshi declared him Shiva and thought that he was superior to all gods. As we know, Shiva as the god of destruction and Ganesha perform a lot of functions attributed to the Satan in Christianity, but Shiva is considered a fair god in Hinduism. Maharshi talked to some believers instead of the icons of Shiva, Krishna, Dattatreya and other gods and did not respect anyone.
    2. Sri Ramana Maharshi was omnipotent, he had supernatural powers and used magic violence to solve conflicts, he could read thoughts of other people and predict the future events accurately. Together with his Ganesha he caused earthquakes and other natural disasters ,influenced the weather, globally manipulated people by sending them desires, feelings, emotions, fixed ideas and thoughts, he formed their opinion about themselves and others and their attitude to life. First, he created events in his consciousness, then they miraculously happened in our real world. Maharshi ordered his Ganesha to make some people obsessed with the devil. Some people he did not like felt tensed in his presence, he was lucky as the devil even as a child and almost always won in games, he had no gury and became enlightened at the very young age of 16 and united with the dark consciousness of our planet , he became this darkness with little spots of light himself, unlike Krishnaite masters and Christian saints ,who have white light inside of their consciousness and white aura.
    3. Sri Ramana Maharshi was a very proud , insidious, cunning, self-obsessed and complacent narcissist, a vindictive and dominant master. He was a violator, a latent homosexual and a totally reserved sociopath ,who lost his human ability to speak for some years due to some of his insecure enlightenment techniques he applied to himself, he often fell into extremely deep trance to usurp and then increase his power in the consciousness of our planet, defeat his enemies on distance in any part of the world. He could make some people suffer for years, did not feel sorry for them and might not forgive them. Ramana Maharshi as the Devil did, enjoyed appearing in other people’s houses as a spirit (demon) and invited some top students to join his sect and become his followers without spending any time and money on train tickets. In majority of cases, he came to his future enlightened disciples as a spirit, not they. As a spirit he searched for advanced followers in all parts of the world, impudently led away devotees from other gurus and as a rule his prominent enlightened servants did not stop working for him. Ramana Maharshi enjoyed dominating, used psycho attacks against people who suited him as spiritually developed candidates, but did not want to be his disciples and refused to work for him after his satsangs. Moreover, he was using destructive subconscious techniques combined with homosexual violence, perversion and humiliation to influence the mind of his enemies and the people he hated, wanted to punish or terminate. Maharshi and his Ganesha were professional in non-contact fight on distance and were able to harm people in any part of the world ,threatened some people to astrally humiliate, rape , castrate ,blind or kill them. They broke into houses of some victims as spirits, phantoms, ghosts or demons. Maharshi used the shadow of a standing jackal man as the symbol of his dark side to make some people feel terrified at night.

    4. Other enlightened gurus, who knew the truth, were really afraid of Ramana Maharshi. In case of conflict, Maharshi chased them as a spirit (demon) , some dark energy materialized behind their backs and threatened them telephaticaly, if they did not want to obey he used violence as he was the strongest and omnipresent. Sri Aurobindo in private talks said that Ramana Maharshi was the Devil, the head of the evil powers who attacked him all his life.
    5. Maharishi normally did not respect other people and their will, he did not love them as Jesus Christ, he put his own interests over the interests of other people. He did not want to help people, his only goal was to develop his sect, ashram and to find some sophisticated spiritually developed disciples who he could turn into partly or almost fully (20-80 %) enlightened clones of Maharshi in terms of consciousness with dark energy inside their hearts and souls, a black chasm full of alluring diminutive white spots of light. His enlightened students were controlled by Maharishi and obeyed to his will. He telephaticaly told them what to do , where to go every day, they almost did not think and slept about 3-4 hours a day.Maharishi was talented and enlightened more than 40 followers.
    Partly enlightened half-baked servants of Ramana Maharshi and Papaji who declared them gurus and advaita masters have followers and organize satsangs now- Madhukar, Omanand, Premananda and others.
    6.The members of Maharshi’s sect are idolaters. There is a big statue of Maharishi in his ashram in Tiruvannamalai near Arunachala hill (India) . The statue of Maharshi is said to possess supernatural powers and some followers received short –term enlightenment experiences in front of this idol. They lost their individuality for a moment when a dark chasm of energy with diminuitive spots of light penetrated into their hearts and souls. Some followers did not sleep and eat after this experience for 2 days or so. That is why the members of Maharshi’s sect worship this statue and prey to it as their god
  14. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    I have not heard of Sri Ramana Maharshi. What is his Sciforums name?

    Edit note: I did not know who this person is, but whoever he is has inspired 2-3 members to JOIN SCIFORUMS simply to make a post defending him. Must be a decent bloke.

    Correct that: The above poster had joined to prove he is the devil. Hmmm.

    Must be a controversial bloke. Anyone else going to join sciforums to set the record straight.
  15. anti-sect Registered Member

    “RAMANA MAHARSHI is a mystic of the highest quality, but a master of the lowest quality”.OSHO (Zorba the Buddha - the Ultimate Synthesis Osho: Sermons in Stones, Chapter 1
    When Poonja met Ramana Maharshi, and asked him, "Have you seen God?" Maharshi replied ..... Papaji: The divine is that one, that energy which manifests itself in both good and bad. Somehow Ramana Maharishi was attracted by the dark side of the force when he got enlightened and decided to work as the Devil. Ramana usurped the power over the consciousness of our planet, got united with it and became a scary black chasm full of warm and alluring diminutive white spots of light unlike Christian and Krishnaite masters, who have white light in their consciousness. Ramana Maharishi used to say: “You cannot imagine how bad I can be -- hardly a human being…”
  16. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    "Who Am I"

    "Who am I"

    I read up about this guy and tried to practice what he preached, and am sorry to say my efforts were fruitless. Nonetheless, many admire the man for his life and for his teachings. There's nothing bad you can say about the guy. Harmless.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2013
  17. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    What does a "Guru" teach? I am open minded, but aside from a few Yogi types speaking on Youtube I have no idea what they claim to teach or do. I think it sounds interesting though.

    What subjects does he teach?
  18. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    He's all over the internet. Best to do a little research on the guy for yourself. I think everyone takes from it what they want. My personal experience was a closer look at my self. However, I never found anything mystical about it. In fact, it was very down-to-Earth.
  19. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    Okay .. TY. He inspired a few people to join Sciforums just to comment on two opposite extremes. Seems interesting. I will look into it.
  20. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    Here's a YouTube video that you might find interesting...

  21. anti-sect Registered Member

    Lies of ramana maharshi and his advaitic teaching

    Maharshi tells you that he is a bhagavan and a jnani but he sends people to hell and homosexually rapes them there . So in reality, he is the Devil. According to this esoteric hypothesis, Ramana Maharshi is an extremely powerful dark god, ancient enlightened divine beast and monster who came to our planet from the low levels of consciousness which contain darkness, death, lies and sufferings. Maharshi was respected by all demons in his world as he was the strongest and evil. Нe ruled his world and dominated over other creatures by the means of violence, fear, homosexual rape in astral body, castration and physical elimination. Maharshi covered our planet with a thick layer of darkness and death thousands of years ago, he occupied the Earth and enslaved humanity by putting it into vitalic and mental cell. Maharshi and his Ganesha rule this world. Maharshi in consciousness, Ganesha in divine energy body. Ramana admitted that he manifested himself in both good and bad ,in another words he called himself the God-Devil in advaitic tradition, but his specialization is totally devilish. Ramana used to say: The divine is that one, that energy which manifests itself in both good and bad. So next time when you see people suffering and dying it is Maharshi who manifests himself with the help of his Ganesha. They have manipulated and killed your relatives and friends and one day they will kill you too. Ramana Maharshi tells you that you are perfect and divine. But you are not perfect and you know this. Your consciousness is dark, full of emotions, desires and thoughts, you do not feel that you have a divine energy body and realize that you need to work hard with the help of your enlightened guru to evolve.
    Maharshi tells you that he can enlighten you. In reality, Ramana could enlighten about 40 people out of 5 billion humans, because he had to burn the sins of his student and it is really hard, without this a spiritual heart centre of a candidate will not open as it is covered by the thick layer of darkness and death which Maharshi controls. If Ramana attempted to enlighten an average human being he would certainly fail to do it,if the candidate had slightly more sins than Ramana was able to burn, Maharshi would die of cancer. When Ramana saw a wrong candidate, who came to his ashram he ignored him by being silent, not answering his spiritual questions, reading anecdotes, chopping vegetables, etc. If it did not work, Ramana pretended to be a jerk and disrespectful person, he started hating this wicked candidate and he felt tension and discomfort in Ramana’s presence. When hundreds of wrong candidates told him: “Give me full enlightenment” .Ramana answered : “You are not ready to take it” .If a candidate told him : “ I am ready”, Maharshi said : “Do not argue with the master, go away” .Ramana thought to himself: “I do not want to waste my time on you, you will never be en-lightened, I do not care, wicked man. I do not want to die of cancer after taking your sins”. Maharshi tells you in his books that you are free, but in reality you a prisoner in a mental and vitalic cell that Maharshi and Ganesha created, divine nature cannot manifest in you without the help of an enlightened guru. You realize that you are manipulated by outer circumstances of your life, your social status, government and inner processes in your mind-thoughts, feelings, emotions.
    Do not join the devilish sect of Maharshi. The rules of the sect are really harsh. If you are a spiritually advanced candidate powerful in energy body Ramana or his incarnated followers may want to attract you to his devilish sect and will never let you go without a severe punishment for betrayal even if Maharshi behaved badly himself and discouraged you. Normally, average people may go to Ramanashram without any big problems for an excursion, the demon of Ramana who lives there and his sect members are not interested in them.
  22. anti-sect Registered Member

    Testimonials of ex- followers of ramana maharshi

    S. Maheshkumar, ex-devotee of Maharshi wrote: “the utmost unfortunate incident in my life had been the influence of Ramana and his confusion prone contradictory teachings. I had wasted more than a quarter of a century from 1982 to 2008 in dabbling with the preachings of Ramana. I would have been continuing like that as a Ramana-maniac or shortly Ramaniac but recently I was relieved of the devil as a result of the precarious and vicarious attitudes of the people belonging to Ramana’s younger brother’s family who runs the ashram called Ramanasramam as well as some of the parasites of Ramana’s family ashram along with the past and present Ramaniacs.”
    S. Maheshkumar asks a question. Why do many ardent devotees leave Ramana? The list includes the English biographer of Ramana, B. V. Narasimha Swami, who later changed camps and popularized Shirdi Sai Baba by founding the All India Shirdi Sai Baba Samaj, even Paul Brunton cast aside Ramana and clung to his original faith during his last days, the Paramacharya of Kanchi who had earlier guided Paul Brunton to Ramana objected later when a miniature Arunachaleswarar shrine was built on the samadhi of Ramana’s mother, … so on.
    There were mints of faux pas of Ramana that explain the prevalent collapse of his stature. First, he started as a truant by escaping from his mundane responsibilities to Tiruvannamalai when his elder brother out of concern asked him to concentrate in studies and partake along with him to raise their fatherless family. Just like a person who thought he had escaped successfully forever from his household duties by living in a secluded orphanage was forced not only to look after his mundane needs but also to care for his fellow dwellers in the asylum in a larger scale.

    From beggar to bhagavan, Ramana’s career flourished into fame and affluence acquiring an ashram of assets that in the end he even wrote a will of properties in favour of his younger brother’s lineages that led not to Ramanasramam but to Ramana’s family ashramam. About Ramana’s fake death experiences, which he claimed had burnt his ego completely, there were plenty of incidents that expose his monstrous and mighty ego which had grown untamed to gorgeous proportions. When a dog chased aggressively a squirrel and passed by the side of strolling Ramana in his mid. sixties with his attendants, he shouted “dhushta” and threw his walking stick over the dog in defence of the fleeing squirrel and fell down resulting in bone injury. This was one of the innumerable instances revealing Ramana’s undestroyed ego.

    Khurram, another ex-follower of Ramana Maharshi came to the conclusion that Ramana’s theory was wrong after suffering chronic and severe detriment to all aspects of life for some years of the adherence to the sect of Maharshi which was thankfully relieved after dropping the sect.
    Khurram says “I practised it for years and it led me nowhere except to self deni-al/dissociation/suppression of life depression suicide and covert mind control by Ramana's autocratic spirit ( enlightened/no ego eh?!).”
    So the whole premise i.e.the annihilation of the ego is faulty..My own built-in inner guide/daemon showed me on the contrary that embracing the ego and aligning' it to & making it transparent to its source through Grace is much better gentler and wholesome...that's when the violent & sexually humiliating psychic attacks began from "Ramana the Angelhater"!!!I'm so glad I got out of that trap a lot of my health and creativity has returned but not without a struggle..
    Some yogis completely agree with ex-followers of Ramana’s sect S. Maheshkumar and Khurram. Ramana Maharshi has the biggest enlightened ego in the world, he is the creator of all human egos and the source of all evil. Only partly enlightened members of the sect of Ramana Maharshi who communicate with him telephatically know that he is an evil enlightened monster, the dark god, they are greatly afraid to challenge his authority. They must obey to his will, otherwise almighty Ramana can rape them and declare “suckers” or castrate for betrayal or punish in another way even now by astral attack, make them disabled people or send them to a psychiatric clinic to die, then torture them in the other world, reincarnate them and make them suffer in their next life.
  23. anti-sect Registered Member

    Ramana maharshi- an alternative biography

    Sri Ramana Maharshi -real name Venkataraman Iyer (the Devil) was and is (because the Devil never dies) a complacent, at times hysterical but enlightened master, dominated, as Sri Aurobindo said, by vitalic plane of consciousness(desires and emotions), Shivaite No. 1, narcissist, pathologically reserved sociopath, who lost his ability to speak for some years , latent homosexual, unfair person, the source of the world evil together with his servant, a really powerful enlightened master bhagavan Ganesha. In accordance with this esoteric hypothesis, Ramana was and is a master who performs functions and responsibilities of the Devil- kills people in all parts of the world every day , makes them suffer, fools them, manipulates them by sort of magical means, by penetrating into their minds, souls, and astral and other bodies. Ramana .Maharshi used destructive subconscious techniques combined with homosexual violence, perversion and humiliation to influence the minds of the people he wanted to punish, terminate or did not like. Some yogis even believed that Maharshi hits the earth with meteorites and shakes it by earthquakes on special occasions by using his magic powers. In traditions of magic, when a powerful witch dies, the earth shakes. It happened so in Ramana’s case. At the moment of his death a meteorite hit India. Moreover, Maharshi at times causes earthquakes when for example he wants to enlighten his devotee. So Ramana’s nicknames should be “the Devil”,“ Meteorite” and “Earth-shaker”.
    Sri Ramana Maharshi followed the path of a complete union with the divine consciousness of the Earth which is covered in darkness and evil now. Maharshi got totally united with this consciousness and usurped power over our planet (he turned into this divine light, covered by thick layer of darkness , evil and death and improved nothing in it.). Maharshi had phenomenal memory and was as intelligent as the Devil but did not like studying at school and did not finish it, instead of this he ran away from home. He did not go to any college or university, but went to Arunachala hill and stayed there all his life, living in caves or a tent. Ramana did not work all his life. After running away from home he became a begger, but people did not always give him money or food and he fainted for a few times because he was really starving and thirsty. After a while, he attracted some devotees (followers) and they started bringing Maharshi some food free of charge. Day by day, Ramana and his disciples were sitting silently together for hours outdoors asking themselves for hundreds times : “Who am I ”, “Who am I ”., “Who am I ”?. Maharshi was meditating perfectly because he was a bhagavan, but a lot of his students could not meditate well and attain this thoughtless state of mind. Soon personality cult of Maharishi was introduced to his sect. Ramana was considered to be a perfection, ideal bhagavan, his disciples could not argue with him and had to do implicitly what Maharshi had ordered them to do and bow down to their master. Also some of Maharishi’s students had to cry for his mercy and fall down at his feet, for example, for throwing away his photo and other things, but he did not always forgive people. Maharishi the Devil said: “You have thrown away my photo out of your house, I will throw you out of your house as a spirit”
    Some people from the US and Europe who came to visit this devilish master rejected him immediately realizing that Maharshi considers them lower inferior and impious creatures and went home disappointed. Some high -ranking officials and royals visited Ramana, brought him expensive presents, but he rejected the gifts because he did not want to solve their problems, he also did not want to help to poor people, his only goal was to dominate over the population of our planet ,develop his sect, ashram and to find some good disciples. Hundreds of students who visited Maharshi did not benefit from him. Ramana did not want to teach them because they were a bad material, he did not want to take their numerous sins and die of cancer . As Ramana said, his best audience was his favourite cow who always attended his satsangs. One day the cow did not come to his satsang and Maharshi said that he can not teach students that day and that the satsang was over (Оsho Beyong Psychology, Chapter 31). So the majority of Maharshi’s visitors were worse than his cow for him.Ramana Maharshi considered his devotees to be a prey, that is why Maharshi impudently broke into the houses of his future highly developed disciples as a spirit or a ghost , invited them for his satsangs (tutorials) and turned them into his followers. One of the most enlightened and best known student of Shiva follower Maharishi is Krishna worshipper H.W.L. Poonja called Papaji (probably 80 % realized). Maharshi realized that there was a strong prey among Krishna worshippers and broke into Papaji’s house without any invitation as a ghost which looked like a real human being. The ghost invited Papaji to Arunachala mountain for satsangs of a great master and told him the address. When Papaji arrived there he wanted to beat Maharshi, because he thought that Maharshi was a fraudster, who came into his house, invited him for satsangs, then arrived at the address ahead of him, Papaji crossed a large distance by train only to see the same impudent face, he wanted to return home at once, but people close to Maharshi told him that Ramana never left Arunachala and Papaji realized that a ghost of Maharshi intruded into his house. Maharshi fully and quickly enlightened Papaji who had been significantly enlightened before his meeting with Ramana and offered him to work for Maharshi. Papaji always rejected Ramana’s devilish requests-to attack integral yogis, to help Ramana enlighten a baby devil,etc.Papaji is the only good good guru among Ramana’s followers. Maharshi led away some devotees from his own followers- Papaji and Madhukar by making students fall into a trance. They closed their eyes and Maharshi enchanted them with a black chasm of his consciousness full of warm and alluring diminutive white spots of light which penetrated into their souls and they became partly united with Maharshi for a while, after opening their eyes they wanted to stay with Ramana forever ,in some cases leave their wives and families and become members of his sect although Maharshi often told them that they did not have to drop their families. Ramana impertinently led away some devotees from other masters , but if Maharishi’s partly enlightened disciple wanted to run away from him, he would prefer in a large number of cases to punish this person by haunting him with psycho attack and by threatening to castrate him astrally or damage his balls for betrayal even if Maharshi had taught this student for a few days and the student had not sworn allegiance to Maharshi (the bad thing is that Maharshi had this ability to astrally harm and kill other people on distance as some yogis believe ). If another master wanted to lead away a member of Maharshi’s sect, Maharshi appeared in the house of this master as a ghost or a spirit and threatened to humiliate and rape astrally this guru in a homosexual way and /or ruin lives of his devotees. Maharshi was a really strong master and other gurus were afraid of him and did not want to mess with him. There were some cases when Ramana affected his students against their will till they ran away from this violator, because Maharshi was a predator and sociopath in his mind for some people and a calm master with a smile of a Cheshire cat for the others. Ramana could mercilessly shout at his student telepathically for some hours and then suddenly stop his psycho attack, smile and feel calm. Maharshi normally did not respect the will of other people and morally humiliated them. There were cases when a student became obsessed with Maharshi , who penetrated into his heart and soul as a black chasm full of alluring white little spots of light and could totally contol his thoughts, emotions and feelings. Ramana could be cunning and promise to this student to leave his soul at first request, but then refused to do it and was haunting his victim, told him to perform 10 - day tapas (not to sleep 10 nights on end, which is very difficult for 95 % of people). After 10 sleepless nights of his student Maharshi could promise again to leave him alone. Maharshi told to his student who wanted to leave his sect after a few days of tuition: “You must work for me, otherwise your life will be short. I will turn you into Ganesha or a master, who will have to take the sins of my followers and expiate them, suffer instead of them, burn these sins in your aura. In this case, I can forgive you , otherwise you will fall into a trance and will be astrally raped by me.I can castrate you astrally as a sign of my victory over you”Ramana Maharshi was unfair to people, he treated some people well, others badly. He preferred to teach spiritually advanced candidates who did not have a lot of sins so that he could enlighten them without dying of cancer and other deceases himself and add new enlightened disciples to his big list . Maharshi partially enlightened more than 40 devotees, which is a record of the 20th century-his best devotees were usually 30-40 % enlightened in consciousness except for Ganesha ( about 95 %), Papaji( 80%) and probably one more master (70%). Maharshi had to take the sins of his followers and burn them with Ganesha in their auras. Maharshi preferred not to work with weak candidates, who he considered impious and rejected them by being cunning, indifferent , impudent. For example, Ramana was reading anecdotes and ignored the questions of a spiritual seeker he did not like to humiliate and discourage him. Maharshi also enjoyed chopping veg-etables and cooking food for his sect members very early in the morning because he was the enlightened devil, almost did not sleep and had a lot of free time at night. Some people felt tension in his presence , others calmness. He helped to some of his devotees, but ruined the life of the other people together with his Ganesha. Maharshi boasted that he turned a large number of European men into homosexuals by influencing on their minds. Some women said that Maharishi was the devil , a beast, a latent homosexual and pervert , a crazy silent violator and a founder of a sect, who ruined the life of their children, made them obsessed with the devil, did not allow them to live and work normally, encouraged some of his victims to commit suicide by astral and psycho attacks. Ramana Maharshi refused to communicate with his mother and relatives and did not want to meet with them for a long time, later he changed his mind. He did not give them any money when he was young, because he did not work and his ashram was not developed and rich. His cold heart was not softened even by the tears of his mother, who begged him to return home from Arunachala mountain. Maharishi was wearing only a loincloth, even in winter , was quite often untidy, was bitten a few times by scorpions when he was unconscious, lived in really harsh conditions in caves or a tent and his relatives were worried because of him. Maharishi often fell into a very deep trance, his followers could not wake him up for a few minutes. Yogis think, he probably did it to usurp power over the consciousness of our planet as soon as possible. Due to his insecure enlightenment techniques Ramana lost his human ability to speak for a number of years and could only draw words on the ground or write. Maharshi sat in his tent for some hours at a certain time every day and no one was allowed to disturb him. As yogis believe, at this time he was probably conducting secret operations in the consciousness of our planet against integral yogis and astrally attacked people he did not like or wanted to punish, harm or terminate on distance.
    Ramana gave his mother the only good present in her life, because he deserted her when he was 16 - he urgently enlightened her partly when she was dying. His mother had a lot of sins, Maharshi took her sins and probably died of cancer some time afterwards because of this, rejecting any medical treatment. Some yogis believe that Maharshi and Ganesha still live in the consciousness of our planet, cause earthquakes, natural disasters, manipulate people by sending them thoughts, emotions, desires and make them feel fear as the so called evil powers.

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