What is wrong with our society

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by sifreak21, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

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  3. Kaiduorkhon Registered Senior Member

    There is definitely a 'they' in this case, certainly including the video recorded defense lawyers. Had the victim been named 'Tray', there would, inevitably be an ongoing national outrage. And, the Oval Officer himself may have voluntarily offered his condolences. In three words: 'Abuse of power'; another manifest symptom of what Pope Francis recently described as '...culture creates monsters'. The court and it's barrister officers are, ostensibly, even more to blame. 'Proving' that there is no rescue-net for justice. Ostensibly the exemplary Fullerton, California court resonates an 'object lesson': they care not who knows it. They are duly anointed without fear for consequence and accountability. You do not see, hear, understand and know, what you know, understand, hear and see. - Orwell. Hey, Fullerton high rollers. Are you sure you wish to do this? Had the atrocity not been recorded on video tape (as was the exemplary case of Rodney King), clearly, it would have been just another day at the office, and the Jury Room Happy Hour.

    The defense attorney's victorious (inner-circle smiling) allusion to the risky responsibility of being a Peace Officer, excludes and publicly sacrifices the responsibility - indeed the very Duty - of restraint: it is the obligation of every true police officer Soldier to understand and abide by this, and, most very conscientiously do...

    This video tape record is an indomitable, immortal icon. It will never go away... It will outlive all of its guilt inundated players, just as they outlived their latest murder victim. It is a grievous insult to every decent, professional Cop. "Every man has got to know his limitations." - Dirty Harry. Time will overtake and historically flash-freeze this outrage. This was another son of any American family. This is the 'New Age' weather moving in on the entire nation. California is the much touted national proving ground. Everywhere eastward is next... Squared.

    Post Script: There is no statute of limitations on murder. Only two of the six (proven accessorial) officers were tried.
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